Being an Awakening Goddess Affiliate

Designed by intuitive healer and teacher Vanya Silverten, this 10-part online course has been specially created for women interested in healing and intuitive work and practices.  It comes at a time when a global movement in feminine awakening and empowerment is rapidly gaining traction.

The Dalai Lama said that it would be women of the west who will change the world.  This course is here to help support each woman discover their unique magnificence and higher purpose. It is also an uplifting celebration with many meditations and videos to awaken the female body temple so love can flow.

Vanya says: “From teaching and working with thousands of women, I have found the core issues that block their healing and intuitive skills from really blossoming is issues pertaining self love, and therefore the ability to receive and give greater amounts of love.  The core energy of the creator.  This course centers around self love, learning to love the body temple, sacredness, living an empowered life and awakening divine femininity – every woman’s birth right.”

The course encourages women to join the sisterhood circles where they can exchange their healing skills with one another, whether that be ThetaHealing, Reiki, or just listening.  The sisterhood circles are a perfect platform to practice, receive healing and transform.

The aim of this course is to allow more love to flow and so we are reaching out to potential partners like you to join us in helping these teachings reach more women. We offer a transparent 50/50 split of any revenue with no hidden fees or small print.

The Affiliate program is really simple. You get a special link that’s unique to your business, or a unique discount code. You use this link or code to promote the course on your website, social media, e-newsletter, etc. and whoever signs up for the course via clicking through your link or using your discount code will immediately earn you 50 per cent of the course fee.  The course is built on the Thinkific software platform and if you’d like more detailed information, please go to

We will of course provide everything you need to market the course – even down to suggested tweets. Please find attached the marketing package which includes course structure, class module breakdown plus promotion videos which you can add a link to your site at the end of the video.  You can use these resources in whichever format you believe will inspire the Goddess’ in your tribe.