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I’ve been working with Vanya for over 5 years now. Every single time she has been able to help me pin point blocks that I wasn’t aware of and more importantly she helped me clear them. She also empowered me with solutions and skills to keep it up. I can honestly say one session with her is worth years of therapy. Unlike many other healers I’ve seen, she was funny, gentle and relatable. She has a rare gift that never stops giving. The world is a better place because there are healers like her. I’m truly grateful to have her in my life and highly recommend working with her.

Ahd Kamel

I chose to work with Vanya because of her strong feminine energy and since working with her I have started to heal aspects of myself that had been broken from years of abuse when I was little. I had no idea the impact that these traumas had had on me and since working with Vanya I have started to feel far more whole and complete. People have even commented on how I look more feminine than before and asked me what I had been doing to open up so beautifully, so quickly. I have not been afraid once in my sessions with Vanya although we have been dealing with some quite dark and heavy energy. I am so pleased to be clearing out this darkness though because my life is growing each and every time. The other day after a session I turned around and said to my mum 'I love my life', and it was the first time that I truly felt and meant it.

Sarah Morris

In August 2017 first time I met Vanya & the moment she spoke about the cosmos my eyes glistened & glittered with joy! She knew it, she got it, & I was sold then & on she knew the importance of the stars! Here I am July 2018 & still working with Vanya on my souls growth - evolving, healing, changing, releasing, programming, heightening & remembering my place in this world. Vanya has the 'gifted natural ability' of understanding the dynamics & mechanics of your soul, body, mind & spirit, her gift opens you to great healing and evolution. For those looking for a teacher on their journey - look no further, allow her beauty & magic wand of healing to support you on your life’s journey.

She is a blessing from the heavens just as Jupiter started crossing my 9th house (Astrology) Boom! I started working with my 'Jupiters Blessing' teacher Vanya. When Jupiter crosses the 9th blesses with a High Level Teacher & Vanya was mine! All that is necessary: presence, dedication, honesty & that deep desire to change just allow her magical healing & her all encompassing universal love to wrap you up rebuilding, healing and reconstituting you back into truth! I am a changed woman ever since returning back to my truth, she had the skills to change your life & beyond! I am going to be working with Vanya for years to come. She is a keepsake, she is a must have! I am ever so delighted to work with someone who is talented, powerful, high vibrational & one who embeds the stars in her soul, she has a true love for humanity. Love you my Teacher Vanya One True Cosmic Healer!!

Ebru Star

Vanya is extraordinary. This could mean many things but by it I mean strongly insightful, positive, relaxed, focused and in control - a messenger of fresh avenues. She can turn you inside out and by doing so make you feel whole. Try.

Peter DalbyRetired Teacher, Researcher

I've first experienced Theta Healing when going through a difficult time, Vanya came to the rescue and I must say, it felt like magic. Vanya has such a gentle and nurturing approach, respecting the person's pace and at the same time an amazing and powerful way of reading through you and going to the root of your soul and spirit. Vanya is gifted as well as very knowledgeable and this translates beautifully when she's teaching.

Her generosity in time and attention is legendary. I feel blessed to have shared such a beautiful experience...and so grateful. I recommend Vanya's healing and workshops to anyone in search of truth and well-being. What a lady!

Axelle Bonaparte

I just wanted to follow up on the amazing progress I have made following our session! The next morning after our session I noticed my muscles around my spine and colon were SORE! Those were two areas we worked on and I was amazed that it actually felt as though I had a deep massage the day before. I have had scoliosis since I was 15, but my spine was actually much straighter the next day and I am going to be following up w/my chiropractor because it almost looks perfectly straight, making me wonder if I would even be dx with scoliosis still!

I definitely felt more powerful after our session, and began setting limits and boundaries like I have never done before. I noticed an increase in my angry feelings, but that aftera few days it subsided. I think I was becoming a little angry after realizing I was a "doormat" for so long! I now feel confident and like my self worth/esteem has sky rocketed.

I had an appointment with my naturopath yesterday and both I and my daughter (who you worked on as well) had a great report! We no longer have significant digestive problems, organ problems, and have NO imbalance in Candida!! This is AMAZING to me because I have struggled and struggled w/those problems for more than 10 years, and my daughter hasas well for 6 years (her whole life). I want to say I'm in shock, but I'm actually not because I could feel just how powerful the work you were doing with us was! I am ecstatic and cannot wait to continue working with you in the future.

Michelle Wright

My Theta session with Vanya was incredible - life-changing! I am so grateful! During the session Vanya was able to see and heal all the aspects of my soul and energy system which need healing and this happened in seconds; deep soul wounds which I couldn't see got healed, also distant past life healing and integration of light energies into my being. During the session an angel appeared to help facilitate the healing which Vanya was sending to me direct through intention and supplication to source. Childhood issues were resolved and all manner of healing took place. It was by far the best, truly healing session I have ever experienced and I recommend it to everyone today!

Sarah Combes

My Theta Healing session with Vanya was very uplifting. She greeted me with a warm smile and as we sat down, Vanya asked me what aspect of my life I would like to work on. I came in with an open mind and zero expectations, but as soon as she laid her palm on mine I felt a connection with her. She did an aura reading (she saw bright yellow and orange around me) and was spot on with things that worry me. With her gentle voice, she tapped into my heart and helped me to release some negative emotions. I felt goosebumps during the session and relief afterwards that I even hugged her. It was a really cathartic experience and I recommend it for those who are looking for some positive direction.

Glaiza SeguaOK Magazine Middle East

I would like to express my gratitude to you Vanya for your healing session with me recently. I loved how the session went. For all my life I have been suppressing many things as this is how I was brought up. I was always in fear of expressing myself as this was not allowed. My mum and granny they ruled the house and this has made me to feel like a worrier in a prison. Vanya helped me to unlock another puzzle on my healing journey and she helped to release my suppressed anger. I felt few pounds lighter on my soul after our session. I felt like it high time to start getting out from the cage. Thank you Vanya.