Transformational Meditation Evening

DATE: Wednesday 26th October 2022


Abundance is a powerful force that we all long for.  But it’s also a force we need to have a deeper relationship with so we can manifest, receive and create for a better life. Abundance is absolutely an energy we need to understand and master so it can become a power in our lives.

One thing is for sure Abundance is limitless and is available to everyone.

You just need to elevate your internal and external reality.


This is

Mastering the Multidimensional Field Of Prosperity, Abundance & Wealth 

In this transformative meditation we will:

Are you ready to play a new game?

Join Vanya Silverten for this FREE 75 minute Meditation Evening to create Abundance Now!! You are after all a conscious co-creator in this magnificent game we call life.


Expect an Elevation

As this is a FREE event spaces are limited.

DATE: Wednesday 26th October


LOCATION: Online Worldwide on Zoom

Email will be sent to you with the Zoom link after sign up.

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Your Guide:

Vanya Silverten is an international healer, teacher, speaker and author. She has helped over 15,000 people progress on their spiritual path. OK magazine has described her work as ‘cathartic’ and ‘uplifting’.  Her greatest joy is help people transform, awaken and live with the fire of their soul.

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