Step 1: Unlock Your Female Body (INTRODUCTION)

Discover the sensual magic and sexual energy that lies within you and connect to the limitless possibilities of love, abundance and freedom that this world has to offer. This heightened place is easy to obtain.

Step 2: Sensual Body Yoga Meditation

In this meditation you will unlock the sensual magic of the female body. You will experience the sensation of when your heart feels super open and you get a tingle that something magical is about to happen, all making you feel super attractive and magnetic.


STEP 3 – Self Love Immersion

You will be taken on a journey of self-love and healing within these six powerful video practices including Self Love. Releasing The Mud, The Divine Inner Marriage, Dynamic Love Affair & Your Love Affair with the Sun.

1. Self Love

2. Releasing The Mud

3. The Divine Inner Marriage

4. Dynamic Love

5. Love Affair With The Sun

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