Your sacred life force has been a taboo topic for too long.

Women need to know that the power of their sensuality can be converted to become an unshakeable force that heals and revolutionises their lives.

Once a women learns how to tap into this she unlocks her unique beauty and becomes an enlightened women empowered by her own
radiance and vibrancy

You’ll be taken on a journey so that you can awaken and live from your sacred femininity.

This is your destiny.
This is your birthright.


Yes I’m In!

This is for you if:

  • You’re finding yourself holding back from doing what you love only you don’t know why.
  • You’ve grown up believing relationships are complicated and love is filled with heartbreak.
  • You believe half of you deserves more abundance and the other half of you feels ashamed for having it. (or wanting more)
  • You’re aware that past experiences have suppressed your sensuality and you wished the wildness within could be explored more.


And you are ready for:

  • Opening your heart and experiencing love in your body, mind and soul. Let the sensual magic of your body take over so you can feel like a queen , diva, priestess, yogini and goddess all at once.
  • Feel magnetic and attract your compatible soul mate who can offer you a sacred romance.
  • Shine more, become more visible and more radiant so you can effortlessly attract the life you deserve.
  • Let the entire universe make love with you in an enlightened and orgasmic level.

Your female body is exquisite in design and their is heightened state of sensual magic that it can reach so that you can have an all being embodiment of love, vibrancy and aliveness.

This is the ‘in love’ state that as women we all crave.

What’s inside ‘Activate Your Sacred Sensual Energy’


Thank you Vanya for such a wonderful spiritual experience. Your love and passion emanates from you and goes deeply into my heart. During your workshop I felt things I am not able to put in words because I don’t fully understand them. However, one of the exercise you introduced us to helped me to realize how I can utilize the excess of my sexual energy and not wasting it on ego driven superficial pleasures. It was such a simple exercise! Your workshop at the Body Mind Spirit definitely helped me on many levels not just sexual. It expanded my perception of what is possible and what potential we have. Just need to find a way to let the potential out…thank you again from the sacred place of my heart.

– Dariusz Seeker

I chose to work with Vanya because of her strong feminine energy and since working with her I have started to heal aspects of myself that had been broken from years of abuse when I was little.  I had no idea the impact that these traumas had had on me and since working with Vanya I have started to feel far more whole and complete.  People have even commented on how I look more feminine than before and asked me what I had been doing to open up so beautifully, so quickly.  I have not been afraid once in my sessions with Vanya although we have been dealing with some quite dark and heavy energy.  I am so pleased to be clearing out this darkness though because my life is growing each and every time.  The other day after a session I turned around and said to my mum ‘I love my life’, and it was the first time that I truly felt and meant it.

– Sarah Morris

Your teaching and guidance throughout the weekend was…I don’t even have the words.  It was everything!  Wonderful, transforming, gentle, nurturing, supportive, empowering, magical, graceful and life changing.   I hadn’t really known what to expect but this weekend was everything and more. I can’t thank you enough from the bottom of my heart, with everything.  I am so eternally grateful that you kindly held the space for us, gave us this opportunity to heal and shine and guided us on this journey.  Thank you for opening your heart to us enabling us to open our hearts to the world.

– Imogen French

Hi, I’m Vanya,

As an Intuitive energy healer and teacher, I am passionate about sharing with women how exquisite in design her female body is.

A woman can reach a heightened state of sensual magic and experience an embodiment of love, vibrancy and aliveness.

This is the ‘in love’ state that as women we all crave. You know the feeling when your heart feels super open, you get a tingle that something magical is about to happen and your sexual energy dances around your body making you feel super attractive and magnetic.

It is the feeling of letting your inner beauty become your radiance. It’s the knowing that there is something so special inside of you that desiring to shine out of your body and connect to the limitless possibilities of love, abundance and freedom that this world has to offer.

It’s the sensation that the universe is also reflecting and manifesting your brilliance back to you. As women, we all long for this sensually enlightened state of being in love with ourselves so much that we allow all of life to make love to us.

This heightened place is easy to obtain. Except most women don’t know how to achieve it. So many women have not yet learnt to activate their heart, sensual energy and body.

Or maybe you know it, have felt it but it’s still not anchoring and grounding in an embodied way. Gorgeous women let me help you understand how easy it is to unlock this today,

I am so excited to show you,

Love Vanya,

Yes I’m In

Activate Your Sacred Sensual Energy

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