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Beautiful Woman,
I hope this finds you well.

Sacred Stars…We have had a wild beautiful journey last year and I very much look forward to being with you at a new level in the Sacred Star journey. As we continue embark on imparting the Sacred Star Certification further here is an opportunity to work together. To support and guide empowered women to The Sacred Star Certification.

As you know it takes a strong tenacious woman with the overwhelming feeling, a yearning for more! Who better to spot that very feeling than yourself! A woman who has noted, acted, responded, blossomed and THRIVED!

What does this entail?


3. THE COST IS £3300/£3997 (-20% tax) £2640 / £2719

I am currently offering affiliates £350 per sign up to use for online course, retreats and private sessions

Let me know if this works or fits for you and if it doesn’t no problem…the stars will align another time.

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