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Express! Express! Express!!

 I come from a family of musicians, everyone plays a musical instrument. My father would put Mozart on to put me to sleep when I was a baby. My mother would sing. Our home was always filled with music. Then during my school years I began dancing – ballet, tap, jazz and my body learnt to understand music in a whole new way. Dancing is still my favourite release – and I am always the first on the dance floor and the last to leave. 

Next came poetry and I would write pages and pages of it. The poems turned into songs which I would sing to myself when I went for walks. Then in my early twenties came the rock band and lots of singing (I still secretly want to be a ROCKSTAR!! ) The singing really opened up my confidence which lead me into teaching workshops around the world. 

During this time I have also written four books, two are self help, one is a fiction novel..it’s the first of a trilogy (one day I will get the time to write the rest) and the other is a picture book. 

All I can say is that we all need to EXPRESS!! It’s a healthy and vibrant way to communicate the depths of our soul. Sometimes the creations are like WOW!! And other times it’s like OOH! Either way the more you EXPRESS the FREER you will feel!!

Some of my favourite songs…


Vanya Silverten · Gazing Butterflies

Vanya Silverten · How Many Lovers

Vanya Silverten · Black Veil

Vanya Silverten · A Language No One Could Hear

Vanya Silverten · Life Goes Too Deep

Vanya Silverten · Next Dimension

Vanya Silverten · Life Goes Too Deep

Vanya Silverten · A Journey To The Unknown

Vanya Silverten · Runaway Blue Child

Vanya Elodie Silverten · Mhya

Vanya Elodie Silverten · Electric Energy

Keep Expressing!!!

Cool Breeze

Under A Black Veil

Cool Breeze Under a Black Veil is a powerful visionary tale of healing and spiritual enlightenment. Scattered with speculative surrealism and erotica, this is an achingly raw journey of self-discovery and self-love.


The Fatal Femme

This is an 18+ Picture book that explores the tragedy that the beauty and sex industry has on the female psyche. An idea I had when I was twenty finally became real a few years ago. This is a raw look at the unevolved woman.



And then sometimes you need to let go and improvise with some gongs…

Vanya Silverten · Gone Gong 1

Vanya Elodie Silverten · Gone Gong 2

Vanya Elodie Silverten · Gone Gong 3

Vanya Elodie Silverten · Gone Gong 4

Vanya Elodie Silverten · Gong Gone 5

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