This is the quantum choice point of your great life’s work.

A 12 month container that walks you through the gateways needed to incarnate your brilliance and complete your dharma.

This is the promise you made before your conception. This is the desire that leads you to your current self mastery. This is the soul fire that yearns and burns for completion. This is your great soul’s lineage calling to manifest and assist humanity. 


This is the evolution of yourself, the acceleration of your business and the welcoming of a new wave of prosperity. 

It is time to walk beyond your temple and create new worlds, new universes, new realities for others to enter into. You are a divine gateway. The unique codes and teachings you hold can no longer be hidden. It is time to access and reveal them.  You are here to be an ascension leader and the time is now. 

This special gateway will lead you to your magnificence so the universe can reflect your brilliance back. 


It’s time to go beyond the temple

A year long immersion of:

Be held until you align to your supreme truth. 

Be lead to your unique genius until you create the income streams that simultaneously honour your dharma and create  prosperity and success.  Be seen until you embody your essence and light up this world with your infinite presence. Be known because you have claimed your rightful position. 


This is a portal of ascension technology designed to quantum leap you to your destined next level. This is for those who know that timelines can be collapse and what took years to achieve can be realised in months, days, minutes. Time is a precious commodity, especially when you know you have multiple divine timings to complete. 

  • ▲Embody your highest self and activate your intuitive channels to translate it
  • ▲Discover quantum choice points to accelerate your business and prosperity
  • ▲Integrate your current self/life mastery to access your supreme destiny
  • ▲Remember the teachings you are to gift the world
  • ▲Download the cosmology of your unique teachings
  • ▲Dematerialise your outdated status by moving into alignment
  • ▲Learn to fall forward and trust how the magic of the universe unfolds to ensure you embody your brilliance.
  • ▲The dynamic dance with the divine to materialise your magnificence
  • ▲Becoming the moment of joy in all situations to accelerate ascension
  • ▲Opening the heart and freeing the genius to overflow with creative ideas and solutions
  • ▲Accepting your Dharma and the supreme calling it has for you
  • ▲Enhancing the body’s temple experience of pleasure to truly embody heaven in your life and on earth
  • ▲Being the conduit of love to revolutionise your life and the lives around you
  • ▲Honouring the power of leadership and the great responsibility it has for you
  • ▲Knowing you great work is ultimately a spiritual practice
  • ▲And so much more that is BEYOND words

Who is this for?

  • ▲You desire to know and honour your unique soul expression/gifts/teachings to gift to the world
  • ▲You require the mindset elevation to turn your great legacy into a profitable business
  • ▲You know your life’s work is a divine service to awaken others to their brilliance
  • ▲ You may have a 5,6,7 figure business and know the only one you can go to your next level is by truly stepping into the alignment of why you are here
  • ▲ You value your true role above wasting time following/copying others
  • ▲ You desire to step through the quantum fire and fast track your destiny
  • ▲ Or take a sabbatical on your current reality to download your next divine timings
  • ▲This is not a nuts and bolts business course, but a great configuration that awakens you to operate your business from a 5D perspective – the only way to truly let your unique legacy flourish. Effective and aligned business strategies will be given in our group coaching calls. 
  • ▲ BEYOND is not for everyone. It is a very specific container that hold the potency to take you to your next level. Please sit with the words on this page and gift yourself 10mins of silence to feel the call/pull of this container. (or not)
  • ▲ The application process and a clarity call will also help you to identify if BEYOND is a good fit

The calling of your soul’s destiny will keep calling until it lights your heart with desire and moves your bones into action.


Why Work With Me?

  • ▲Reached 1 million in revenue from doing my dharma of spiritual service 
  • ▲5 & 6 figure months
  • ▲15 000+ hours of private therapy
  • ▲250+ live course, immersions and workshops taught
  • ▲Taught in 7 different countries
  • ▲Created Internationally Recognised Certification
  • ▲Sold Our Retreats 
  • ▲#1 Bestselling Book
  • ▲Featured in international magazines and media
  • ▲Have multiple streams of income
  • ▲Lead 3 companies
  • ▲More about Vanya and her success stories here

Beyond The Temple is an intimate and sacred mentoring mastermind.



Silver Package


  • ▲  Monthly Transmission/Teaching
  • ▲  Quantum Fire Workbook
  • ▲ Two Monthly Group Coaching Call
  • ▲ Creating Abundance Intensive – lifetime access, unlimited annual upgrades
  • ▲ 3 Day Retreat UK (accommodation and flights not included)
  • ▲ 3 x 60 Min private session with my favourite Quantum Abundance Coach
  • ▲ Private Telegram Group
  • ▲ Anything extra that is revealed as we progress through this magical container
  • ▲ Initiation/Closing Ceremonies
  • ▲ Limited to 6-8 people 
  • PLUS
  • ▲ 1 Private Ceremony/Session to help you incarnate and claim your brilliance with Vanya Silverten – this will be given at the mid point of this container. 



Gold Package


  • ▲ Everything in Silver
  • ▲ 12 private sessions
  • ▲ Extra 3 sessions with Quantum Abundance Coach
  • ▲ Limited to one person only 


Platinum Package

  • ▲ Everything in Silver
  • ▲ 24 private sessions
  • ▲ Rolling Voxer (unlimited texts & voice notes)
  • ▲ Extra 3 sessions with Quantum Abundance Coach (total of 6 sessions)
  • ▲ Everything in Platinum
  • ▲ VIP 2 Day Retreat with Ceremonies, Activations, Initiations, Mapping  your unique cosmology, offerings and business strategies
  • ▲ 2 x 2 hour business/branding/products strategy session with Vanya
  • ▲ Photoshoot Day to embody the new you with my favourite photographer
  • ▲ Limited to one person only – whoever you are I want to make you a star!!!!



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