A masterclass to unlock THE most important human superpower!

We all need to go on a journey to awaken our intuition.

To be able to know, to receive messages of guidance, visions of the future or an instinctual response if something is right or not.  Just as we choose to return our body to health, we must free our energy pathways to be a clear channel.

Only then can the oracle awaken.

This masterclass is filled with energy clearing and activations to awaken your intuition and psychic abilities. There is also a focus on card reading as a way to train your intuitive muscles and learn to communicate messages.

Translating the energy world is an art and it requires practice.


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DATE: Wednesday 16th November


LOCATION: Online Worldwide on Zoom

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Sign up to access the 5 day mini course instantly!And get access to all the goodies!


Your Guide

Vanya Silverten has been a professional intuitive healer and spiritual teacher for over decade. She has given psychic readings and healings to over 20,000 people from over 80 countries. She loves to pass the gifts of intuition and psychic abilities on to her students to help them navigate their life and fulfil their soul’s purpose with ease. Vanya has recently designed a Soul Star Destiny Cards, a beautiful deck of 88 oracle cards for life mastery and conscious creation.

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