Wildly Embodied On Purpose Masterclass

Are you the woman who is ready for her sacred presence?

  • This a 3 month vortex into your

  • Wild Sacred Presence

    This is a call out for 10 special women who are ready for their most profound awakening

    An awakening that will make you strong to the core.

  • An awakening that will become your foundation. 

  • And recode your body to live in the infinite field of love.

  • Where joy, wisdom and power live simultaneously as one force – body, mind, heart and soul.

  •  This is your invitation to be unapologetically embodied on purpose!

Let your Sacred Revolution begin!

Let me lovingly show you the step-by-step process that will take you from where you are now to becoming a magnet for the things you love. Here are the Six Pillars of Enlightenment you will master in the Embodied Revolution Vortex:

1. Love is your origin and destination in all situations. Master love and master your life.
2. Love means loving every part of your body, mind, and soul. Without exception. Because when you can do that, you glow with a presence NO ONE can destroy.
3. Sexual energy is a sacred force that awakens your body to greater experiences of love in the physical world. Feel more vibrant, more orgasmic, more beautiful, more magnetic.
4. In order to evolve, you must heal your past so the lower vibrations/ feelings/memories/thoughts within can return to love.
5. Never feel lonely again. And attract and create healthier relationships because you raise your connections to master love.
6. You are a creator, keeper, and lover of life. Just as you raise your body, heart and sexuality to operate from a higher state.

  • Why is the Embodiment Revolution Important?

  • 🌟Embodiment is the ability for you to be totally present with every part of your body.

    It means that you have unlocked the limited beliefs, the negative emotions and the illusions that have kept you separate from you being one with your authentic self.

    🌟Embodiment is your head, heart, stomach and toes operating as one extraordinary force. It is all of your senses awakened and then evolved into your psychic and intuitive senses.

    🌟Embodiment is living from your body’s intelligence. It is your soul force incarnated, grounded and shining through every cell.

    🌟Embodiment is be fully present with physical reality and also fully present with the magic of the universe. It allows us to impact reality with our unique vibration.

    🌟Embodiment allows our inner beauty to become our outer radiance.

    This is the way we share our profound power to the world. The totality of you is required to master your highest purpose.

  • Master Embodiment and You will Master Your Life!

This Vortex is Alive


This 3 month vortex is filled with live events, retreats, personal sessions and online learning.

Wildly Sacred On Purpose!

The Embodied Revolution Vortex Is:

A LIVE immersion into the eternal magic of your female body temple.

1. The Living Goddess Retreat taught by Vanya Silverten (31st July – 6th August in Spain)


2. The Sensual Enlightenment Academy (6 courses in to the Female Temple Tantric Arts with Lifetime Access. Filled with yoga, sacred movements, meditations, jade egg practice, sacred sexuality and a deep journey into your female body temple.)


3. 2 x 60min 1:1 Private Session with our Master Sacred Star Embodiment Coaches (to integrate and help you work through your personal issues and you get to choose your coach)

  • *If you are unable to travel to the retreat we can swap for more personal sessions
  • EARLY BIRD BONUS: Purchase before Sunday 15th May and receive an EXTRA 1:1 Private session with an Master Embodiment Coach!

What’s Included

A live immersion with personal 1:1 attention through retreats, private sessions and lifetime online learning. 

Option One:

  • 1. Living Goddess Retreat (Regular price £1497)
  • Six Sensual Nights of Live Teachings in the South of Spain
  • 2. The Sensual Enlightenment Academy (£2091)
  • 3. 2 x 60min Sacred Star Embodiment Private Session with our Master Coaches (£600)
  • £2197
  • * Save £1891 with this package.
  • * Easy Payment Plans available upon request.




Option Two:

  • 1. The Sensual Enlightenment Academy  (£2021)
  • 2. 6 x 60min Sacred Star Embodiment Private Sessions with our Master Coach (Valued at £1800) 
  • £2197
  • * Save £1630 with this package
  • * Easy Payment Plans available upon request.




‘Beyond my expectations! It was magical & grounding. So much healing and transformation took place.’ -Allesandra Fasto

  • For over a decade I have been dedicated to the female path of enlightenment. I have worked with thousands of women through my private sessions, books, retreat, online courses and workshops. OK magazine has described my work as ‘cathartic’ and ‘uplifting’. I very much look forward to passing all this knowledge on so you can become soul embodied and revolutionise your life.- Vanya Silverten

Let’s do this!

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