May 3rd 2023 @ 7pm UK TIME

If you can’t join us live… do no worry! We will send you the recording for you to watch at your leisure. Look out for your welcome email and emails in the next coming days and white list it – they will have details for the Goddess Ceremony and access your bonus material.

*A Guide to the many different soul mate and orgasm experience you can have.


I look forward to meeting you GODDESS. So wear a beautiful GODDESS dress, light a candle to fuel the fire and use this as a sacred ceremony back to you.

Living Goddess Retreat

SUMMER IS COMING!!! ☀️ And it’s time to think about the most beautiful sensual and transformative retreat!!

A six day escape surrounded by nature in the south of Spain. Pack your bags and join me in a deeply sensual and transformational journey into your exquisite female body temple. Now is the time to unlock your power and reignite the magic that lies deep within. The invitation is to let your inner beauty become your outer radiance….

Be prepared for your feminine soul to be deeply nourished. The journey is deep so expect joy, laughter,cathartic tears and lots of body bliss.

“If there is anything that stretches your mind through your own deep deep experience so it is Living Goddess course with Vanya Silverten. It showed us the deepest healing, connections, divine pleasures and much more that I am not able to put in the words yet. Magical tropical days in Goddess sisterhood left me changed forever. I am grateful and thankful” Katinka Linka

Date: 23-29 July

Location: Malaga, Spain


Can’t make the retreat?


The Sensual Enlightenment Academy Brings You:

The most luscious rite of passage…

Is the one most women never get to take…The one that your mother was unable to take you on…This is a retreat at home – soul awakening, beauty treatment and work out all rolled into one.

  • ★6 Online Courses that address all the phases of growth and transformation necessary to help you heal past wounds and stories so you can connect with your inner sacred feminine
  • ★30+Transformative Meditations to rewire your heart, body and sexual energy and keep your brain n a state of forward momentum
  • ★15+ Sacred Movement Exercises to help awaken your sacred energy
  • ★10 Rituals that will connect you to the powers within and without to help facilitate your deep transformations that manifest real change in your life.
  • ★1 Ebook with reflection questions to ensure your transformation.
  • ★Potent Energy Clearings & Activations to keep your vibrations, frequencies, and energies working WITH you.
  • ★And So Much More!

Access: Lifetime



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