Embody Your Soul’s Brilliance & Revolutionise the World

Eclipse your past, quicken your ascension process and quantum leap your reality so you can fully incarnate.

The dharmic path your soul has chosen is bright and you are here to create prosperity,  

Learn the tools, receive the transmissions and apply the technology that helps you to fast track your destiny. This is the moment the coach, healer, teacher, leader, mystic, mentor and creator within alchemise into one revolutionary force. 

Welcome to the most exhilarating vocation on earth!


I am Vanya Silverten

CONNECT WITH ME: @vanyasilverten


For over a decade, I have been a  professional master energy healer and teacher.  OK Magazine has described my work as  ‘cathartic’ and ‘uplifting’. I have helped more than 50,000 people from over 80 countries progress on their spiritual path and transform their lives. I have led inspirational talks, workshops, retreats, immersions, meditations and practitioner trainings around the globe. Working with athletes, royalty, celebrities, doctors, children and all beings who choose to embody their soul’s brilliance. 

My mission is to empower bright souls, awaken their human body and become one with the infinite consciousness of love, truth, wisdom and prosperity.  In doing so we activate soul incarnation, the supernatural abilities of healing, intuition, wealth creation plus the brilliant path of entrepreneurship and leadership. This is the supreme path of self actualisation. My entire life’s work is dedicated to your advancement – body, mind, heart, soul and life. Together we raise reality. 

Since 2012 I have taught over 250 live transformational trainings  in eight different countries, performed over 20,000 hours of private healings, certified thousands of people to become qualified healers,  coaches and teachers, written a bestselling book, successfully managed and worked within well being companies that have generated multiple millions worldwide. I am the founder of THE ECLIPSE, host of the Embody Soul Brilliance Podcast, CEO of my 7 figure brand, governess of Theta Academia and mother to a special daughter.  I help destined leaders claim their voice, visions, teachings, and mastery so they can revolutionise their business, life and love. The pinnacle of my offerings is private mentoring.

The most important thing I have learnt is that life mastery always begins with self mastery.  There is only one path. The path where you constantly choose to be a beacon of light.


The Eclipse is Simply

3 Online Certified  Courses

3 Live Immersive Retreats

Together they form a genius system for you to become the best certified coach, healer, speaker, leader, visionary, teacher and creator in your destined field of work . The tools and technology they offer are designed to help you exponentially grow and realise your destined UNIQUE calling while simultaneously creating abundance, beauty, pleasure and joy along the way. 

The ECLIPSE will evolve your body, enliven your heart, empower your visions and make you stand strong on your dharmic path. It is both an awakening and completion process. A soul incarnation and a conscious creation. It is self actualisation, sovereign power and a gift you continuously give to yourself, your clients, your students and the world around you.  


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