Wednesday June 7th 2023 @ 7pm UK TIME

If you can’t join us live… do no worry! We will send you the recording for you to watch at your leisure. Look out for your welcome email and emails in the next coming days and white list it – they will have details for the Radiant Woman Roars Webinar.

Let’s hear you ROAR!

Join the webinar now!

Lioness Summer Special

A pilgrimage, a home  retreat, a ceremony, a rite of passage back to you


  • 🌷 If you have been feeling stagnant, lifeless, numb, dull and frumpy in your body and the spark inside of you is getting smaller as each year goes by.
  • 🌷 Your are still heartbroken and lonely – desire a relationship, but have secretly given up on a soulmate showing up
  • 🌷 You know you need to become the Goddess, The Lioness but time and constraints and schedules have been the obstacle or excuse. 
  • 🌷 Or you know things need to change in your current relationship but you are shutting down and being silent.
  • 🌷 Your libido is low and your vibrant orgasmic potential is lost
  • 🌷 You feel and know your power but you are unable to be motivated by it to raise your reality
  • 🌷 You can feel the beauty, magic and liberation of your next level but need sacred mentorship to elevate you into it

1:1 sessions with transformational & Master Energy Healer Vanya Silverten & Sexologist Joyce Oladipo, lifetime access to the Sensual Enlightenment Academy AND Group Coaching! 

An at home retreat, an incredible opportunity and special offer that you can complete in 3 months and return to for the rest of your life. The value of this offer is incredible.

Why? Because the entire universe wants you to blossom into your brilliance.

Release the Lioness this summer


What is the Sensual Enlightenment Academy?

The Sensual Enlightenment Academy Brings You:

The most luscious rite of passage…

Is the one most women never get to take…The one that your mother was unable to take you on…This is a retreat at home – soul awakening, beauty treatment and work out all rolled into one.

  • ★6 Online Courses that address all the phases of growth and transformation necessary to help you heal past wounds and stories so you can connect with your inner sacred feminine
  • ★30+Transformative Meditations to rewire your heart, body and sexual energy and keep your brain n a state of forward momentum
  • ★15+ Sacred Movement Exercises to help awaken your sacred energy
  • ★10 Rituals that will connect you to the powers within and without to help facilitate your deep transformations that manifest real change in your life.
  • ★1 Ebook with reflection questions to ensure your transformation.
  • ★Potent Energy Clearings & Activations to keep your vibrations, frequencies, and energies working WITH you.
  • ★And So Much More!

Access: Lifetime



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