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Joyce Oladipo AKA Victoria Honey 

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Radiant Women Roar

90 Minute Sensual Masterclass

The Lioness is a position of power that commands respect authority love and abundance from every environment she enters.

Join Vanya Silverten & Joyce Olapdio on this powerful 90min masterclass that will hold you in the revolutionary energy of transformation, elevation, empowerment and purpose.

If you have gotten flat, disappointed by life, partners, yourself, heart broken and resentful. If things are not flowing and uplevelling and you feel STAGNANT.

Or you are diminishing yourself with comparison and secret jealousy.

Then this is the moment you decide to break free.

Shake your life up!!

The journey begins in your female body temple so you can claim your mystical sensual power.

Join this Sensual and Powerful Masterclass 


Wednesday june 7th 2023 @ 7pm UK Time!

***Recordings will be available for those who have signed up only.


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This initiation will be the beginning of a new journey into love and womanhood!!



Your Guide: Joyce Oladipo


Holistic Sexuality Coach, Sacred Star Feminine Embodiment Mentor + Trauma Resolution Guide for women who desire to unlock the richness of pleasure in their body, and liberate internalized shame around their sexuality so that they can create the nourishing life they have always yearned for.

Raised very religious Joyce has gone from suffering from severe vaginismus for most of her married life, self-doubting myself, playing within the “good girl” box, all the way to healing her sexuality, embodying her sensual magnetism and reclaiming her embodied aliveness. 100+ clients have used the sacred star embodiment coaching systems to rewire their nervous system, experience exquisite pleasure and create a thriving inner ecology that helps them experience erotic bliss – that lasts decades. Joyce has also been featured in publications including Divine Living Magazine, EOF, Inspired Coach, Huff Post, Elite Daily, and more.

Her mission in life is to empower women to rise above living in survival. Empowering them to create a life grounded in a deep sense of worthiness, embodied sovereignty, intimate belonging, and full of possibilities no matter where they are in life.



‘Beyond my expectations! It was magical & grounding. So much healing and transformation took place.’ -Allesandra Fasto

  • For over a decade I have been dedicated to the female path of enlightenment. I have worked with thousands of women through my private sessions, books, retreat, online courses and workshops. OK magazine has described my work as ‘cathartic’ and ‘uplifting’. I very much look forward to passing all this knowledge on so you can become soul embodied and revolutionise your life.- Vanya Silverten

Let’s do this!

Join This Free 90 Minute Webinar

As we begin your Lioness Summer


Join this FREE webinar by signing up below!Details will be emailed to you.

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