Sirin Ortanca is an intuitive coach and energy healer. She is an expert in self-love, empowerment and well-being. Having spent 18 years in the wellness industry and over 7 years as a master trainer for an international wellness brand she has certified more than 10,000 instructors world-wide, taught across the globe and has a wealth of experience in coaching, healing and teaching.

Although she has a deep love for health and well-being, in 2015 she realised her truer passion was working with the mind, emotions and people’s internal world. Her focus since has been helping women find a deep sense of inner self-worth so that they can step into their power. She loves to guide women back to feeling confident & empowered, to fall in love with their bodies & create ultimate wellbeing, and support them in manifesting their truest desires in health, love, business and life.

She has helped hundreds of women; find their soulmates, navigate divorce & break-ups and return to love, guided women back to financial independence and deeply fulfilling careers and taught women how to release weight & create health once and for all with pleasure, joy and ease.

Not only is she highly qualified, with proven results, Sirin has also been on her own journey to self-love, empowerment, and confidence and is able to bring both a professional and personal understanding to her clients to provide transformational sessions. Each and every session is completely tailored to your needs and she uses a range of techniques to help you unlock your blocks and connect to your truth and power. She offers transformative, deep healing and coaching programmes and one off sessions too.