Leading soulful women to wake up their power and revolutionise their lives.

With Vanya Silverten

This is an invitation to soulful women who wish to accelerate their growth and impact life with their soul’s mission. You may feel this calling deep inside but are in need of the support and guidance to manifest it.

Are you ready to give yourself permission create abundance, explode with love and light up the world by being unapologetically you?  This is your opportunity to shake off your past, transform your life and become confident, vibrant and dynamic in business, love and life. Your sacred revolution beings now! 



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This program is for you if:


‘This changed my life’

I gave myself the incredible beautiful present of the 3 month program ‘Revolutionary Woman’ with Vanya Silverten.
And I can honestly say that it changed my life.
For years I had procrastinated building up my wellness business to become a success. It was a ‘barely earning enough’ kind of business and I just didn’t seem to be able to take off and lift it to the next level.
With Vanya I went into deep deep healing of all the things that kept me small, we invited my soul home, we put me back together so I now feel welcome in this world, see and honor my talents and abilities and believe in my self. All the way Vanya made me feel loved, she held the space so I dared going into and through the process and she professionally spotted my dark areas and then assisted me in healing them.
In the process I manifested the clinic I have dreamt of for years and I manifested the money to have it decorated in a high end quality fashion. I also got a better relation to my children, let go of the constant overwhelm that I have lived with for years and started to laugh again.
My business is now on next level and I stand in my light.
So thank you Vanya – you have a big place in my heart!!
Charlotte Trolle, Acupuncturist

‘I am no longer selling myself short.’

Vanya! I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for all the amazing sessions I had with you. I believe they are the equivalent of lifetimes of healing. Also wanted to share what I’ve noticed after our last amazing session. My period got shorter and lighter, my hair stopped falling and started looking healthier. I stopped rescuing people and I am now focusing on myself and my journey. I released the fear of driving, of being visible and fear of technology. I already did my first webinar which I really enjoyed and so did the participants. Technology would make me angry instantly and the idea of a webinar would give me a panic attack. And here I am planning the next one and working on my website. I am not selling myself short and not giving myself away anymore. Started feeling inspired towards my soul purpose and having ideas that light me up. Yes, all that after the last session!! Thank you for being such a powerful transformer, mentor and inspiration. Beyond grateful .

Eva Burner – Engineer

‘I gained a new sense of confidence and pride in myself.’

Working with Vanya was exactly what I needed to change my life. I worked on everything with her – my relationship, my finances, my health and my work – it all came down to me feeling too unworthy to have a better life. She is perceptive, gentle and empowering all at once. I gained a new sense of confidence and pride in myself. I left a job that was undervaluing me and found a new one which almost doubled my salary. This was the big change I needed to accept that I am a capable independent woman who can have more, be more and receive more. I defiantly feel more beautiful and more importantly I am allowed to be beautiful – something I felt ashamed of for years. Thank you Vanya. I loved working with you.
Noura Albadi, Lawyer

  • Outcomes of this Program:
  • > Your truth will be activated, your soul message realised and you will learn to live in alignment with your purpose and passions.
  • > Past resentments, traumas, toxic relationships, limiting beliefs and fear blocks that are holding your back will be transformed into your new divine story that lights up the world.  
  • > Heal and release body shame and shift into feeling sexy, sensual, vibrant and sacred.
  • > Be unafraid to attract and magnetise the love you deserve. 
  • > Awaken your treasure trove of natural gifts, talents and abilities and discover how you can share them with the world and create abundance. 
  • > Ditch playing small and say ‘good bye’ to confusion and doubt. 
  • > Step into your power and live with conviction of who you are in the world.
  • > Become the boss of your life and feel incredible in being visible. Learn to become a powerful creator who attracts limitless opportunities, abundance, luxury, success and love.
  • > Learn strategies to make money from your soul’s gifts and talents.

The Method:

Results are achieved by releasing limited subconscious patterns and conditioning until you you are free to create the success you deserve. Plus evolving you awareness to increase your capacity to receive and manifest limitless love and abundance.  The world is ready to gift you with untold beauty all you have to do is elevate your status to receive it. 

Through a holistic combination of transformative healing, intuitive guidance, channeled messages, laser coaching, mindset techniques, strategies and aligned action – you will be guided to awaken into the brilliant being that you were destined to be. The aim is to ignite your soul’s fire until you honour your life’s purpose.

Vanya’s 1:1 sessions are potent containers for the acceleration and transformation for all areas of your life.  If you are ready to take radical responsibility then I am ready to help you evolve and come into soul alignment so you confidently show the world how magnificent your are.

Would you like to:

> Become a #1 bestselling author?

You are sooo ready for this!!!

Why work with me?

I am an international transformation healer, teacher, #1 bestselling author and speaker. I have created sold out retreats and successful online courses.  OK magazine has described my work as ‘cathartic’ and ‘uplifting’. I have helped thousands of woman progress on their spiritual path from children to royalty. My ability to cut through your illusions and realign you to your truth makes working with me a fast track process that steps you into your divine life mission.  I work quickly and deeply to empower you while at the same time guiding you  to melt into the graceful, sacred and divine beauty that you truly are. Expect tears, laughter, revelations and soul awakenings as we journey together into the magnificent you.  Expect your life to realign to your brilliance so you can receive the abundance, love and joy your deserve. 

This program is ideal if you need to transform your entire identity so that you can truly live in alignment with your soul purpose.

A deeply cathartic process where we strip away what no longer works and ignite your truth to unapologetically shine into the world. You will go from invisible to visible – limited to limitless.  We will also have the time to craft out and implement new life strategies that create the abundance and luxury you deserve.  This program will make you feel beautiful inside out and powerful to laser a new life path.

You are after all a Revolutionary Woman. 


I look forward to holding the space and being the potent container so you can birth your magnificent self.

You are never alone in your transformational journey – we will work together.

The changes are done for you and the actions you need to take are done together.

Together we co-create a new reality for you to live in.


Let’s do this!!

The Five Pillars of this program include:



We begin our program by identifying and healing that which is holding you back and limiting your life.  This could include family patterns, destructive behaviours and limiting beliefs.  You old story must become your new divine story so you can feel empowered to be your authentic self.



Next we dive deep into your soul and unlock your highest purpose and divine life message.  This clarity of self will help you to reposition your life so that you always live in alignment to your truth. This is an essential key to helping your manifesting powers increase. 



This is the crucial stage of you becoming confident to shine your magnificent self unapologetically out into world.  No longer can you hide or let your life go by without you being the star of your own reality. Expect to feel empowered, rejuvenated, beautiful, vibrant and powerful. This is all about you letting life serve you like a queen and for you to receive life blessings life a goddess.



Next we look at strategies and actions that you need to implement in order for physical reality to align to your truth. This could include making relationship changes, exercise and nutritional changes plus taking new steps to activate luxury in your life and abundance in your business. 



Finally you discover how to raise and hold your status.  This will make you  effortlessly magnetic to receive and claim what you deserve. Many women get caught in ‘doing’ and ‘trying’ that they forget the most important alignment of success – claiming. Once this is achieved untold  all areas of your life, from love to business, will upgrade.

The Breakdown and Bonuses:

The Revolutionary Woman 3 month Program Includes:

  • 1. 1.5 hour lift off call
  • 2. 7 x 60min fortnightly calls thereafter. 
  • 3. 3 hour strategy call 
  • 4. Unlimited voice message for three months via messenger.
  • 5. All sessions are recorded for you to get the benefits of your personal energy clearings and activations for a lifetime.
  • * 6 & 12 month programs also available 


Bonus Gifts:

  • 1 x Visionary & Manifesting Course with Workbook
  • 1 x 1001 Magnetic Beliefs for Love, Money, Power & Position

Frequently Asked Questions:

I want to change but I feeling resistance, fear and anxiety to go through the programs?

This is a normal feeling that occurs before you are about to go through massive transformation. The best thing to do is to embrace those uncomfortable feelings and know that you are ready to create an exciting new life.  It’s time beautiful woman to take yourself to the next level. 

I am feeling called to this program but I don’t know what issues I need to work on?

No problem, my job is to quickly help you identity what is holding you back and then transform your limitations so that you can live in your truth.  I will also help guide you to your true soul message so you can really live in your power. Plus I will be your motivator that helps you make decisions and actions to change your life. 

Can I earn money from my soul’s message?

Absolutely!!! This is the main aim of this program. Your soul’s destiny is to live in this world by being unapologetically you!! That means earning money by being you. I will share with you systems and strategies to make this a reality. Plus I will help you feel super empowered to boldly go forward making the changes needed to upgrade your status.

Let’ do this together!

If you are ready to heal, ascend and claim a life, body and business that nourishes your soul. If you are ready to unapologetically follow your divine calling to birth your magnificence. If you are done with your excuses, and you’re 100% committed to living beyond your fear, anxieties, shyness and self doubt. Then I am ready to hold a potent container of transformation for you!!  Fill out the application form,  and let’s go!!  The greatest version of your self is waiting for you.

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