This is going to be magical, powerful, awakening & transformative. 


  • 1. Schedule into your diary Saturday 4th July 10am BST
  • (5AM New York, 1pm DUBAI TIME, 7pm SYDNEY TIME)
  • 2.  The immersion will take place on  Zoom. Get your link here: 
  • 3.  Look out for my reminder emails in your inbox.
  • 4. On the day of the immersion dress like a goddess and create beautiful space around you.
  • 5. Have a well hydrated body, turn your phone to silent and be prepared to melt into your beautiful body.
  • 6. Ensure you have an extra 30mins after the immersion to integrate the activations.
  • 7. Everything that I teach you in this immersion comes from my #1 Bestselling book ‘SACRED REVOLUTION’ – a woman’s path to love, power and sensual enlightenment.   Get your copy and the more you read before the immersion the deeper you will go. I will be using the book as a resource so make sure you have the book to hand as well.
  • You totally deserve this!

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