Hey Beautiful Woman,

It’s time to unlock the sensual magic of your female body!



Women are incredible creatures and the female body is exquisite in design. Naturally intuitive, highly sensual and magical, with a great ability to create abundance and heal life. This makes every woman’s body a portal to enlightenment. No longer can you live in loneliness, insecurity, self-doubt, shame or the fear of not ‘being enough.’ No longer can you hide or deny your unique aliveness.

Sacred Revolution is a transformational guide. It teaches each woman to be unshakable with love so she can master her life. This journey begins once you claim your sexual energy as a sacred life force – vital for the dynamic experience of love. Only then can the revolution begin.


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Helps you through the jungle of love

“Powerful self-help exercises you can try at home, and some wise advice, for modern women working their way through the jungle of love. Vanya has written a fantastic guide, based on her own experience.”

Jessica Adams, bestselling author and psychic astrologer.

Something for every woman

“In Sacred Revolution, Vanya Silverten has created a wise and warm-hearted book you’ll turn back to again and again.  There’s something here for every woman at every stage of her life.”

Chrissie Manby, bestselling author and columnist

Restore your feminine power

‘This is more then a book. It’s charged with wonderful downloads which will shift your awareness and restore your inner feminine power to help you live a better life and fulfil your soul’s purpose. It’s a must read for every woman.’

Rene Borisova, Vogue Model & Social Media Influencer

Step by step, chapter by chapter, petal by petal this book will teach you:

• The six principles of sensual enlightenment.
• The thirteen virtues of love that can transform and revolutionise you life.
• How to channel your sexual energy to be a sacred fuel for empowerment and attraction.
• Movement exercises to activate the orgasmic potential of your female body to blossom with love and experience sensual enlightenment.
• How to become your own soul mate and attract healthy, lasting relationships.
• The 20+ different soul mate experience you can have.
• How to master love in all of your relationships.
• How to create sensual and enlightened union between you and your partner.
• Your consent options so that you always remain empowered in your intimate connections.
• The ultimate anti ageing and beauty secrets that every woman needs to know.
• The superpowers of the evolved woman.
• How to heal your past and transform your unworthiness to power.
• Sacred body rituals and reflection exercises that activate your female body temple.
• The remedies for body image issues, insecurities, anxiety, depression, bad luck’ in relationships, female health problems as well the missing information needed for the next level of divine femininity.

Sacred Revolution is a rite of passage for all women who are ready to feel whole, complete and powerful. It is for every woman in all phases of life – maiden, mother, priestess, queen, diva, yogini and goddess. As you take this journey, every aspect of your female identity will be awakened. This book is the missing piece on your female spiritual path.


Palatable to a male audience

Beautiful book and now that we are in the age of the Divine Feminine, this is a must read for all women who want to harness their feminine power in life, relationships and career..I would argue that this book is also palatable to a male audience who is craving to feel that gentle yet powerful feminine force in his life. A man feels empowered as he sees how symbiotic the relationship is between the woman and man when they each align to their divine essence.


Made me feel very loved

Beautiful read from beginning to end. This was more than a book for me. It brought insights and new awareness but it also made me feel very loved. What a gift. Highly recommend!

Sally Owen

Bathed in exquisite sensuality

Sacred Revolution is a transformational and timely read for every woman. I so enjoyed the challenge to recognise the lost parts of me, to reclaim my sovereignty and return to wholeness, bathed in exquisite sensuality, knowing what it truly means to be a woman. Unshakeable and complete in these challenging times.

Dolly Martin

About Vanya Silverten

Vanya Silverten is an international intuitive healer, speaker and author. She has spent over a decade helping more that 10,000 people from over 50 countries progress on their spiritual path. OK magazine has described her work as ‘cathartic’ and ‘uplifting.’

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