Total Female Liberation & Empowerment


Reclaim your body, heart, sensuality and life

Become an empowered Revolutionary Woman

Awaken your path of Leadership

Magnetise the universe to reflect your brilliance back

Pass the power on to help other women transform their lives

The Sacred Star™ Certification 


A  6 month program of total female liberation and empowerment. 

Learn the exclusive technique that combines embodiment coaching, transformational healing, body wisdom, intuitive guidance, sensual awakening and more. Develop the tools to become the boss of your own abundance


Use this system for your own self development or become a super star professional of female transformation. Either way this program is going to rock your world with a new sense of power, purpose and presence.

A truly liberating program that will change your life forever!

 A 100+ Hour Expert-Level Training On Embodiment, Empowerment, Leadership, Conscious Creation, Sensuality & Soul Awakening. 

In this certification, you’ll learn how to be a certified and professional coach leading transformative private or group sessions from anywhere in the world. You will become highly skilled in the Sacred Star™ Embodiment technique and sacred women’s work – the female temple tantric arts. Both combined give you a highly effective coaching system to lead your clients to body vibrancy and soul liberation. The two essential ingredients to master life. 

Although this program is dedicated to woman the tools you learn can be applied to all people.  Use this program for your own healing and self development. Or take your skill to the world and create a soul centred business from it.


‘I feel like I have been waiting my entire existence to get these awakenings! Thank you!’

 Caleum Ariel

‘I launched my first sold out program!’

When I joined the Sacred Star™ Certification I was at a very low place in my business. I had lost my voice with all the social media mess and I was having a lot of emotional upside downs.

Working with Vanya, reconnected me back to my truth and I was able to energetic shift a lot of generational trauma that was kipping me in fear.

The Sacred Star™ certification is an all-around training that combines energetic healing with embodied coaching. It teaches you the key elements that you need to coach from a place of embodiment. It also teaches you ways to hold lasting transformational containers that feels safe and welcoming for clients to drop into pleasure.

Since finishing the certification, I have launched a sold-out group program called FullyCum, I have enrolled multiple high-end 1:1 clients, launched a YouTube channel and I’ve also been hired to work as a master teacher in other people programs. 

If you are looking for a powerful energetic, embodiment modality to add your toolkit, join Sacred Star™.  

Joyce Olapido 

‘The missing link I needed to expand my medical office!’

The Sacred Star™ Coaching program was the missing link I needed to expand my medical office and to up level my personal life. I have been working as a dermatologist in my private medical office for over a decade with a variety of alternative healing tools with a special focus on energy medicine as an amendment to scholastic medicin. Every doctor has a profound knowledge about the wisdom of the human body and its tremendous healing capacities. Sacred Star™ embodiment is accessing this wisdom with remarkable results and I am using the technique in my office for supporting patients in their individual healing journey with excellent response as an addition to conventional medicine.

The 6 months program catalyzed a restructuration of some areas of my private life, I was able to restructure economic projects with my sister, reorganize my office through a second challenging Covid Year with peace and ease although some big challenges were coming up and bringing a very important project, that had been on hold for two years into life together with a co student from Sacred Star™ Coaching. One of the most beautiful things for me was the strong community of sisterhood within that group and the support among all these women. I created some amazing friendships. If you think about diving into the Sacred Star™ Coaching Program I want to strongly encourage you to do so as it will literally change your life and your business to a higher level, no matter how your work looks today. Dr.Marcella Kollmann-Hemmerich, MD

‘It exceeded everything I envisioned!’

I started the coaching process because it was clear to me that I wanted to guide on a deeper level.And what a ride this route was! It exceeded everything I envisioned. The trajectory and Vanya as mentor and teacher is a super powerful combination to raise yourself as a woman and coach to a higher level. I transformed all the old energy patterns and beliefs that stopped me living from my highest purpose for both my daily life and my business. This transformation brought me so many subtle and big changes that I felt the deeper confidence to fully embody the power of passion, peace and presence in all facets of my life. When you are ready to offer a much more powerful coaching technique and guidance as a coach and also to embrace the deep transformation for yourself, then Vanya is your person.

Vanya guides you to your highest potential straight from her heart. Where you can fully develop yourself in complete safety into the woman/coach you are meant to be. The fantastic tools you are given make sure that your coaching sessions really make an impact on your clients. So that they can start living from their strength. I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart to Vanya for taking me on this amazing journey of transformation for myself and my company.

Katrien Deman


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A certified, approved & insured program by the International Institute Of Complementary Therapies.

Get professionally recognised from anywhere around the world!

The journey will begin with you focusing on your own transformation so that you can embody the teachings in your unique and authentic way. Then be taken through the training process until you learn to master the work at an expert level.


Sacred Star™ Empowerment Coach:  You will be able to masterfully guide clients to their own self leadership and self empowerment. Using highly effective transformation tools you will be able liberate trauma, limiting beliefs, unworthiness and life force blockages. Elevate your clients to exist from their sensual and magnetic presence. Then support them to revolutionise their lives. 

Sacred Star™ Embodiment Coach:  You will be to be able to dive deep into childhood wounds, heart breaks, loneliness, anxiety, trauma and unworthiness. Then gently guide your clients back to self love and self empowerment. Unlock the healing nature of their sensually and sexual energy to beautify their life. Then support them to transform their lives.

Master Sensual Star™ Facilitator, Teacher & Coach:  Be able to do it all!! You will be able to see clients, teach workshop, groups and retreats. Have all the skills needed for total female transformation and liberation. Discover how to hold safe and illuminating space for other’s to awaken. 


* this technique can be used as a stand alone modality or use it with other techniques like NLP, Reiki, Theta Healing etc. to 10x your current coaching practice.

This is an easy step by step process.

To certify just complete:


The Sensual Enlightenment Academy: 

A 3 month self study program that teaches you to dive deep in your female body so that you can heal and awaken it.Rediscover your female body from your yoni, womb and breasts and revel in your womanhood and all its glory…no matter what stage of life you’re in. This is also an  initiation into your sacred sexual energy, the female tantric temple arts and sacred women’s work. If you choose to become a teacher of this, then this academy will teach how to liberate the female body.


The Sacred Star™ Embodiment Training: 

A 5 days of intensive online trainingwhere you learn the special embodiment coaching tools to liberate yourself and  others. Learn to access one’s innate healing intelligence to create transformation. This is a body based technique which promotes self sovereignty and self empowerment. A simple yet profound  tool for total healing and liberation.


The Sacred Star™ Masterclass and Entrepreneurial program: 

The 10 x 90min+ masterclasses will ensure you move into self empowerment, self sovereignty and the abundance mindset needed to illuminate your life. These classes will elevate you to a new position in your life and will help you master your coaching skills.


Optional Extra:

If you want to really shine and totally rock the world. Then, upgrade to the Teacher Training that will certify you to teach women’s circles, retreats and workshops. You will attend the most magical 2 week holiday at the Living Goddess and Living Priestess Retreats at a beautiful location.   Only 10 women per year for this teacher training are taken to ensure quality. Is this you?

Apply for Sacred Star certification 2023

Join 2023 waiting list

I would love to find out more


Welcome Gorgeous Woman,

Welcome to waking up in and living fully from…

Your Sacred Soul

Your Vibrant Sensuality 

Welcome to being 

The Star

It’s time to

Dive deep into your female body temple. 

Heal the wounds and traumas that affect your ability to progress. 

Claim your sexual energy as a sacred force of rejuvenation. 

Upgrade your abundant mindset until you can consciously create the life you deserve. 

Become the radiant and unmatched star of your own life and help others live that same reality. 

Your Guide

The Sacred Star™ Certification program is dear to my heart. I have combined over 10 years and 15000+ hours worth of teaching, healing and advising. Plus my sacred women’s work and coaching programs into the most

Epic, Profound and Revolutionary Certification

Over 6 months I get to journey deep with you as you awaken, heal, transform and liberate your life.  OK magazine has described my work as ‘cathartic’ and ‘liberating’.  This is a one stop celebration of everything you will ever need to do you divine life work. We focus on revolutionising you, so that you can revolutionise your life!

-Vanya Silverten


Meet The Team

We are dedicated to your awakening and you will be supported every step of your journey. Whether you need extra guidance, have questions that need answering or some one to help you breakthrough your challenges. The Sacred Star support team is here for you. We have master coaches, experts, psychologists, support leaders and technical support.


  • MASTER COACH: Roslyn McPhail
  • BUSINESS COACH: Sirin Ortanca
  • CHANNELING COACH: Dr. Marcella Kollmann Hemmerich
  • CHANNELING COACH: Nadine Phillips
  • SUPPORT LEADERS:  Chereen Douglas, Mari Brias & Magdalena Kraweic.
  • PSYCHOLOGISTS: Maya Roopun & Jordan Dixon
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Stephanie Higgins

Who is this program for:

This is total female liberation and empowerment 

The Core Benefits of this program are…

This is what you’ve been waiting for…

I became Stronger & more Confident

“Sacred Star with Vanya has enabled me to further develop my coaching and healing skills. It is incredible how I became stronger and more confident through this technique. My business has benefited tremendously and I have been able to achieve my goals so much faster by focusing on the right thing, because they are in harmony with my soul and my heart’s path. This is exactly what I see in my clients too, as they grow into their full strength. Vanya is has always been there for me with her advice, I have always felt supported and the connections with all the other beautiful women in this course have had a life changing effect on me. Projects have been created that I never even thought of before. My channeling skills are exploding and I can pass them on, and that has always been a big dream of mine. Vanya has become such an important part of my life and story. Thank you for this flow on all levels.”

 Nadine Nadine Philipp, 39 Femininity Coach & Love Channel Medium

I opened to my next level with so much joy & ease!

“Vanya has been the mentor that has helped me to truly open up and understand my feminine energy. The Sacred Star Coaching process has helped me to open up the next level of my life with so much ease and joy. As a healer and intuitive, using the power of my own femininity to embody and manifest what is next is truly a blessing to me.Pleasure has become the new mantra in my life and Vanya has been the most genuine, generous and powerful teacher for me. My connection with my body, my energy and my soul is in a new whole level difficult to express with words”

Neus Ventura – International Healer & Teacher

Professional, Supportive & Transformative

Teacher training with Vanya is a huge amount of knowledge served on a tray right under your nose. Professional, supported by many years of experience, a comprehensive dose of practical, ready-to-implement methods of working with the body, mind and spirit. In her generosity, Vanya shared her healer workshop with me so that I could spread my wings even more as a mentor and coach. Thanks to her, I learned many new techniques of working with women that enable deep exploration, transformation and holistic healing of traumas, blockages and disorders.

During these  workshops, I had one of the most beautiful adventures of my life, traveling inside myself experiencing massive Kundalini awakenings. Vanya is that unique teacher who will show you where to look, not what to see. The space to which he invites you is filled with love, understanding, feminine warmth and a great dose of energy of trust. It is hard to find better support and competent guidance.

Thank you Vanya with all my heart. Thanks to you, I was able to meet myself in an expanded state of consciousness, gaining a completely different perspective of looking at myself, my passions and life goals. I sincerely recommend this extraordinary teacher training to every woman who has a desire in her heart to help and support others.

Magdelena Krawiec – Women’s Empowerment Coach & Teacher

Sacred Star™ Certification is a vibrant and easy process of transformation.

Easily move from suppressed states to the enlightened, illuminated and awakened stage of self empowerment. The majority of the teaching is loaded into the first 3 months. This then gives you the time to practice, blossom, master and become the Sacred Star™ you were destined to be:

Use this program for your own self-development or certify to become a professional Sacred Star™ Empowerment or Embodiment Coach.*


Your journey is ….

Stage One:

Activate Your Female Body

Learn to walk your path because you are the only one that can birth yourself  to the next level – no man, no teacher or teaching will be able to do that except you. Discover how to awaken the female body, sexual energy, heart and soul – this is often the missing piece on a woman’s success path. 

  • Begins with Sacred Sexual Energy Initiation Ceremony, a potent ritual for you to heal and reclaim your sexual energy as a sacred force that can revolutionise your life. This live ceremony will take your body, heart and life to a new level and initiate you next level into woman hood.
  • Then, the Sensual Enlightenment Academy takes you on a self-study journey into the divine feminine and the female tantric temple arts so you can tap into the source of your own feminine power at will.  This self study program, consists of 6 courses. Dive deep into your female body and learn to awaken it layer by layer, petal by petal until you blossom into your radiant, vibrant and orgasmic self.


Stage Two:

The Tools Of Transformation

Learn the coaching and healing tools to create lasting transformation, empowerment and illumination for yourself and your clients. This is the magnetic state we all long to exist from. 

  • Learn the Sacred Star™ Embodiment Technique over 4 days as a live online class. A simple and profound coaching tool that will change your life and other’s forever.
  • An exclusive technique that combines embodiment coaching, transformational healing, body wisdom, intuitive guidance, sensual awakening, theory and more.
  • Discover how to activate the intuitive senses and body wisdom and get to the heart of any issue .
  • Learn to return one to a state of empowerment so they can make aligned action to magnetise their highest potential.



Stage Three:

Becoming the Magnetic Star

After you have learnt the  Sacred Star™ Embodiment coaching technique you will enter into Stage Three of the program.  Dive deep with the fortnightly ‘Revolutionary Women Magnetic Masterclass’ coaching calls.  By the time you have finished this stage you will be confident and empowered woman who feels luxuriously sensual and soul fire alive.

These Magnetic Masterclasses Include:

  • Power -Unlock dynamic health and energy potential to ‘do it all’. Taps into your essence and gives you the mental & emotional focus to take action in spite of fears, doubt, and limiting beliefs
  • Pleasure – Expanding Sensuality and The Orgasmic Experience.
  • Purpose – Awaken your highest potential and live it. 
  • Presence -Upgrade your status,  become visible and the one people feel as soon as you turn the camera on, walk on stage, or enter a meeting or session.
  • Purpose -Awaken your highest potential, activate your gift and talents and live it.
  • Prosperity – Awaken & Receive greater abundance.
  • Peace – Claim your soul’s truth and live a beautiful life. 
  • Accountability partners and training swaps with other practitioners to heal, awaken and master the technique.

Stage Four:

Creating & Becoming Abundance 

Stand firmly in your power, earning your own (fabulously large) income because this stage gives you the tools to draw in soul-aligned clients with very little effort.  The Magnetic Marketing & Entrepreneurship calls give you the framework/model to create a thriving business and income while working part time or fit in as a mother. Yes, it’s that easy to do.

You’ll discover:

  • > How to create a coaching package and do discovery calls that convert to sales. 
  • > Routes to revenue and money mindset so you carve an easy path forward.
  • > Become an expert and be your own brand that others are drawn to
  • > Increase your self worth to increase your ability to receive more in your life. 
  • > Learn the simple and effective strategies that have generated £40 000+ from one webinar
  • > How to create sold out retreats and day workshops that people love and want to attend
  • > Get the guidance and templates to create your own signature packages.


Stage Five:

Certified, Approved & Recognised

Receive a Sacred Star™Empowerment or Embodiment Coach title and be recognised with the International Institute Of Complementay Therapies.  This is an easy step by step process of illumination that can fit into any busy schedule.

The certification will allow you to:

  • > Be an expert on female awakening and female tactric arts.
  • > Expand your professional skills to be a coach/healer
  • > Be Professionally and internationally recognised by the International Institute of Complementary Medicine.
  • >Increase your hourly fee and create a soul inspired business
  • >Or simply use this program for your own self healing and self mastery.

Stage Six:

Teacher Training

Once you have certified as a Sacred Star™ Embodiment or Empowerment coach you can apply to become a Sensual Star™ Facilitator & Teacher. This will qualify you to teach large retreats, women’s circles, day classes and more. There is nothing more rewarded than being the light in another person’s life.  

All you need to do is:

Sacred Star™


For Revolutionary Women


Reclaim your body, heart, sensuality and life

Become an empowered Revolutionary Woman

Awaken your path of Leadership

Magnetise the universe to reflect your brilliance back

Pass the power on to help other women transform their lives

You have 2 options to join….

Star Package


This is the 6 month Sacred Star™ Certification program where you will become an internationally approved and recognised coach of female embodiment and empowerment. This is also a super liberating program for self development and the tools you learn will enhance all areas of your life.


1. The Initiation Ceremony

2. The Sensual Enlightenment Academy (6 online courses)

3. The Sacred Star™ Embodiment Technique – 4 days of live online training (2 x 2 days 5/6March +2/3April)

4. 1 x 60 min Sacred Star™ Embodiment Coaching Session with Master Coach

5.  The Revolutionary Woman™ Magnetic Masterclasses (online live)

6. The Magnetic Marketing & Entrepreneurship Classes (online live)

7. Expert Masterclasses from the team

8. Small support groups with personal guidance from Leaders

9. The Facebook Community

  • Plus Bonus:
  • * 2 rounds of the program so you truly anchor in the teachings and transform
  • * Sacred Channelling – Mini Course
  • * The Five Pillars Of Magnetism
  • * The Anatomy Of Abundance
  • * Incarnating Into A Brilliant Life
  • * Calling In Your Loving Soulmate
  • * 3, 6 & 12 month Payment plans plus Paypal Credit Available


Heaven Package


This is the teacher training program. You get everything in the Star Package plus you learn the tools to become a superstar facilitator to run women’s circles, workshops, retreats and very special V.I.P days.  You can mix and match the following over a 18 month period with the only requirement of completing your Sacred Star™ Certification before you begin teaching.


Everything in the Star Package

Living Goddess Retreat (31st July – 6th August)

Living Priestess Teacher Training Retreat (7-13th August)

Extra Option:

The Revolutionary Women 1:1 Private Coaching with Vanya

* Via the application process only


Doors open again spring 2023

Instant Access to: The Sensual Enlightenment Academy

Initiation Ceremony

The Sacred Star™ Embodiment Technique is delivered online

The 10 x 90min online Masterclasses

Step into your most profound power

And your most magnetic presence

I want in!!

I AM READY TO Apply for 2023

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