Life Transformation


Living Heaven

Self Help Book

A self help book that aims to awaken heaven in your body, mind, heart and life. Discover the ten keys that help you master love in every moment of everyday. A quick read that brings new life and an awakening.


The Life Awakening

8 Day Course

This 8 day Course will transform and empower your life! Learn the tools of intuition and discover how to instantly reprogram limiting beliefs around self-love, self-worth, attracting a soul mate and abundance. Discover the fastest growing healing modality of our time.


Soul Star™

Certification & Retreat

Coming Soon! This is your opportunity to learn the skills to transform your life and raise your reality. Sign up to get notified of course curriculum and updates.


Space Clearing

Healing For Your Home

This is an alchemical journey of transforming your home into a temple. Your home is an extension of you, it is the physical manifestation of your soul and a representation of your life. Your home is therefore the ultimate sanctuary for your spiritual self to ground and blossom. Join the challenge now.


Private Healing

Mentoring & Coaching

This is your opportunity to have 1:1 private sessions with Vanya Silverten. This is a deep energetic journey of transformation to uncover your true message and your higher purpose so that you can always live in health, wealth, power and love.


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