Reclaim your wisdom and purpose

Become an empowered Revolutionary Woman

Awaken your path of Leadership

Magnetise the universe to reflect your brilliance back

Pass the power on to help others transform their lives

Calling all coaches, healers, teachers, leaders and priestesses!!!

This special masterclass is for those women who know that they are destined to be great healers, leaders, teachers and experts but are still missing some pieces to achieve success. This is for you if you know you deserve to always live a beautiful, abundant and soul liberating experience in your body, life and business. This is total female liberation and empowerment. Are you ready for your next level??


In this 60min webinar you will learn:

  • > The behind the scenes of my ever growing soul led business which has made over a million in revenue

    • >The 3 biggest game changing choices I have made and how you can easily do the same to increase the ways you earn abundance from your dharmic purpose.

  • > The 5 skills you will need to create multiple streams of income from your soul’s wisdom

  • > How to let go of shyness, self doubt and comparison so that you can finally claim your magnetic presence and embody your soul’s brilliance

  • > The journey it took to create the Sacred Star Embodiment Certification and how it will benefit you in your soul led business.

  •  Get motivated to revolutionise you self so you can revolutionise your life…

It’s time to stop hiding, waiting & playing small!



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“There is no greater gift that you can give to yourself than the gift of your own power.” 

This is a beauty treatment, sensual workout, power upgrade and soul awakening. This is your opportunity to revolutionise your self so that you can revolutionise your life, and ultimately the world. – Vanya Silverten



Join this FREE webinar by signing up below!Details will be emailed to you.



About Vanya Silverten

Vanya Silverten is an international intuitive healer, speaker and author. She has spent over a decade helping more that 10,000 people from over 50 countries progress on their spiritual path. OK magazine has described her work as ‘cathartic’ and ‘uplifting.’ Everything that I teach you in this immersion comes from my #1 Bestselling book ‘SACRED REVOLUTION’ – a woman’s path to love, power and sensual enlightenment. Have you got your copy yet?

WHAT OTHER’S ARE SAYING:”When I joined the Sacred Star Certification I was at a very low place in my business. I had lost my voice with all the social media mess and I was having a lot of emotional upside downs. Working with Vanya, reconnected me back to my truth and I was able to energetic shift a lot of generational trauma that was keeping me in fear.

The Sacred Star certification is an all-around training that combines energetic healing with embodied coaching. It teaches you the key elements that you need to coach from a place of embodiment. It also teaches you ways to hold lasting transformational containers that feels safe and welcoming for clients to drop into pleasure

Since finishing the certification, I have launched a sold-out group program called FullyCum, I have enrolled multiple high-end 1:1 clients, launched a YouTube channel and I’ve also been hired to work as a master teacher in other people programs. If you are looking for a powerful energetic, embodiment modality to add your toolkit, join Sacred Star.”   Joyce Olapido 

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