A revolution is happening for women all around the world.

We are claiming back our power.

We are using our healing abilities.

We are accessing our intuition.

We are honouring our sexuality and body temples.

We offer our gifts and follow the path of abundance.

We stand strong as mothers, lovers and leaders.

Have you heard the calling?

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This 5 day immersion has been designed for you to ignite your soul fire, claim your abilities, awaken the magic of your female body and lead your life to your own abundance and self mastery.

This is when the queen, goddess, priestess, coach, teacher, leader and revolutionary woman all unite as one extraordinary force!  

I would like to offer you a profound system of awakening.

And show you how to create wild and magical embodiment.

 So you can claim and crown your soul’s magnificent.

The offer your powerful dharma to the world.



Sign up to access the 5 day mini course instantly!And get access to all the goodies!

Get ready to liberate your body, empower your mind and awaken your next level as a healer, coach, teacher and leader. 


  • Let’s take Embodiment to a whole new level!

  • What really is Embodiment?

  • 🌟Embodiment is the ability for you to be totally present with every part of your body.
    It means that you have unlocked the limited beliefs, the negative emotions and the illusions that have kept you separate from you being one with your authentic self.
    🌟Embodiment is your head, heart, stomach and toes operating as one extraordinary force. It is all of your senses awakened and then evolved into your psychic and intuitive senses.
    🌟Embodiment is living from your body’s intelligence. It is your soul force incarnated, grounded and shining through every cell.
    🌟Embodiment is be fully present with physical reality and also fully present with the magic of the universe. It allows us to impact reality with our unique vibration.
    🌟Embodiment allows our inner beauty to become our outer radiance.
    This is the way we share our profound power to the world. The totality of you is required to master your highest purpose.

Master Embodiment and You will Master Your Life!

The Immersion is..


This is also the pre requisite training to the Sacred Star Embodiment Coaching Certification – you will learn timeless tools to enhance your life and others.


Invisible, Stuck, Frustrated, Broken?

Unlock Your Blocks and Move Forward

In this 60 mins Transmission Session You Will Discover:

> Explore your time line, body blocks, the spiritual and physical anatomy of your body and how you can awaken it to create embodied soul brilliance.
  • > Cutting the cords that tie you into past relationships, or out dated paradigms.
  • > Releasing your past, resetting your present so that you can laser a new future path forward with ease.
>Remember how your body/being evolves to become powerful, vibrant and abundant.
> How your life heartbreaks stop you from creating.
> Stop hiding behind your ‘happy mask’, face your deeper female struggles and discover how to transform them.
> Explore how these blocks leak your power, collapse your energy and stop the magnificence of your soul’s light from existing.
> Discover the first power point in the Sacred Star Coaching Certification system.
* Includes Teachings, Energy Clearing, Activations and a Life Upgrade.


This is the permission you need

  • In this 60 min Transmission You Will Discover:
  • > Explore the embodiment techniques that liberates your soul force to radiate from your cells, into your body, through your auric field to activate life.
  • >Learn to tap into your soul fire and burn through unworthiness, shame and invisibility issues.
  • > Understand why becoming soul embodied is the only that allows you to live our your dharma and highest purpose.
  • > Why you are the only one who can give yourself permission to step up to a new reality.
  • > Acknowledge that the entire universe is willing you to step your life up. Basically the more you embody your soul’s brilliance the more the universe will reflect your magnificence back.
  • > Discover the second power point in the Sacred Star Coaching Certification system.
  • * Includes Energy Clearing, Activations and a Life Upgrade


Via Your Exquisite Female Body

In this 60 min Transmission Session You Will Discover:

> The 3 biggest reasons why women deny themselves from claiming her sovereignty, power and leadership.
> Explore the influence and impact you have once you claim your power as one total all body and being force.
> The healing power of your sacred sexual energy to make you magnetic, beautiful and receptive to love and abundance
> How the female energy body is different and how you can use it to attract, manifest and create the life you deserve
> Why having a base foundation of the female temple tantric arts will empower you for the rest of your life.
  • > Discover the third power point in the Sacred Star Coaching Certification system.
* Includes Energy Clearing, Activations and a Life Upgrade

Activating your Channeling & Co Creation Powers 

This is Enlightened Embodiment

  • In this 60min transmission you will learn:
  • > Discover the difference between embodiment, empowered embodiment and enlightened embodiment.
  • > Explore how to activate the thousands of energy pathways in your body to increase the divine blessings that pass through your system.
  • > Remember how the divine universe awakens your body and being with codes, activations and downloads to support your embodied soul brilliance.
  • > Explore how your body and your life ascends during divine timing moments.
  • > Discover how to embody the higher frequencies like love and abundance and use them to fast track your destiny.
  • > Open up your intuition and channeling abilities to communicate with and get guidance from  your soul, your guides, higher consciousness, nature and the beautiful living matrix we live in.
  • > Discover the forth power point in the Sacred Star Coaching Certification system.
  • * Includes Energy Clearing, Activations and a Life Upgrade


Life as an Extension of your Soul

  • In this 60min transmission you will learn: 
  • > Understand that true soul embodiment extends beyond your body and radiates to raise all areas of you life.
  • > Explore the legacy of your soul’s light and create influence, impact and wealth from it.
  • > Remember the more you incarnate into present time the more you shape and raise reality – this is your dharma manifested.
  • > Explore how your dharma extends to helping others embody their soul’s brilliance and how becoming a coach, teacher, facilitator and speaker enables this.
  • > Discover why creating a soul centred online business as a professional expert is the quickest way to your ensure soul evolution and a world revolution. 
  • > Discover the fifth power point in the Sacred Star Coaching Certification system.
  • * Includes Energy Clearing, Activations and a Life Upgrade

About your guide…

Vanya Silverten works internationally as a master energy healer and teacher. With clients and students from over 80 countries, she has a passion to help individuals transform all aspects of their lives. She has worked with children, celebrities, athletes and royalty.  Her greatest joy is to teach people the skills of healing, intuition, and embodiment so that they can master their own lives. Vanya believes healing is an art, and so has refined her gifted intuition through the experience of treating, reading and teaching 20,000+ people. OK magazine has described her work as ‘cathartic’ and ‘uplifting.’

Vanya has taught over 200+ courses in six different countries. She has developed the energetic understanding of how the body, mind and soul functions through her extensive training and experience. She passes this knowledge on by teaching and qualifying students to become practitioners in The Sacred Star Embodiment Coaching Certification plus her teacher training retreats.

“My promise to you is that the teachings I give you will serve you for a lifetime. Expect the most profound sense of coming home – home to you.”

You and your body stand at the frontier of 


You and your life are about to go through


‘Beyond my expectations! It was magical & grounding. So much healing and transformation took place.’ -Allesandra Fasts

You are invited into YOUR temple ..


Sign up to access the 5 day mini course instantly!And get access to all the goodies!

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