Brilliant energy, playful, adaptive, constructive, explained everything, helped other’s to understand.’

Venod Mitra – Screen writer, film director.

An exceptional teacher

‘Vanya is an exceptional teacher.  Using her body language, high intelligence, strong intuition  and structure can easily pass the teachings of Theta Healings to students and in a very relaxed and joyful way. But at the same time she is an insightful healer, with very good experience which helps to make her teaching more grounded, solid and firm. But most important she is very keen, to pass down her knowledge and experience to her students and she works for it, with her heart and her mind. ‘

George Christodoulou

Life changing

‘Your teaching and guidance throughout the weekend was…I don’t even have the words. It was everything! Wonderful, transforming, gentle, nurturing, supportive, empowering, magical, graceful and life changing. I hadn’t really known what to expect but this weekend was everything and more. I can’t thank you enough from the bottom of my heart, with everything. I am so eternally grateful that you kindly held the space for us, gave us this opportunity to heal and shine and guided us on this journey. Thank you for opening your heart to us enabling us to open our hearts to the world.’

Imogen French

Expanded my perception of what is possible

‘Thank you Vanya for such a wonderful spiritual experience. Your love and passion emanates from you and goes deeply into my heart. During your workshop I felt things I am not able to put in words because I don’t fully understand them. However, one of the exercise you introduced us to helped me to realize how I can utilize the excess of my sexual energy and not wasting it on ego driven superficial pleasures. It was such a simple exercise! Your workshop at the Body Mind Spirit definitely helped me on many levels not just sexual. It expanded my perception of what is possible and what potential we have. Just need to find a way to let the potential out…thank you again from the sacred place of my heart.’

Dariusz Seeker

Non judgemental & Authentic

Thanks for sharing your absolute awesomeness with me ! I have so much respect for you …your work and your integrity…. not to mention your absolutely cosmic modality of healing !!! I’m so blessed to have you in my life. Thankyou for your non-judgement and authenticity …for being Truely in service with absolutely no hidden agendas ….it’s so refreshing to experience such divine sisterhood with you !! Although I can’t speak for all the souls you have healed I really feel what you have done for me on a deep cellular level and I can only imagine the amount of clearance you have given others! You are an absolute earth angel and even though I know you know all this already …it’s still good to be reminded …especially as you are a dedicated mummy as well!!
I’m feeling really called to honour you on behalf of some of those souls that you have helped who maybe haven’t had the courage to share with you just how much!!! You really are a very powerful healer!! A total goddess!!! 💗Keep up the great work !! It’s so wonderful to witness a master at work and you really really are a master !!!!

Kwali Kundalini – Kundalini Teacher

I discovered how to love myself

You know and understand the meaning of the words ‘wonderful’ and ‘magical’ but have you ever truly experienced it? If you’ve ever had the privilege to meet Vanya, she is the magnetic embodiment of these qualities, she enlightens everyone in her presence. Her teachings are truly a gift to this world. I never experienced self love until Vanya’s class, I went away as if in a different realm of love only then did I discover how to love myself and feel that bliss and fulfillment. She brings grace, love and beautiful light energy to her classes, she touches deeply with her smile and her healings are truly soul nurturing, resonates deeply on all levels of mind, body and spirit. I will always regard Vanya as one who has changed my life forever.

Sara Reed

‘I found what I was searching for!’

Bethany Hillsy – Accountant

An amazing adventure

‘I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding me through such a fantastic experience.  In the 6 days of the class I have taken on such a mind shift that I feel I have set myself on the road for an amazing adventure.  You are such a beautiful amazing person and have in all definitions of the term been a god sent.  I cannot thank you enough.’

Avinash Soni – Business Developer

Still on a high

Thank you for an awesome, inspirational life changing experience, I am personally still on a high in that has been cleared in me thanks to your amazing work.  I appreciate it soo much.’ 

Elouise Bauskins – Natropath & Herbalist

Feel whole again

“Vanya is extraordinary.  This could mean many things but by it I mean strongly insightful, positive, relaxed, focused and in control – a messenger of fresh avenues.  She can turn you inside out and by doing so make you feel whole. Try.”

Peter Dalby – Retired Teacher, Researcher

Cathartic & Uplifting

‘My Theta Healing session with Vanya was very uplifting. She greeted me with a warm smile and as we sat down, Vanya asked me what aspect of my life I would like to work on. I came in with an open mind and zero expectations, but as soon as she laid her palm on mine I felt a connection with her. She did an aura reading (she saw bright yellow and orange around me) and was spot on with things that worry me. With her gentle voice, she tapped into my heart and helped me to release some negative emotions. I felt goosebumps during the session and relief afterwards that I even hugged her. It was a really cathartic experience and I recommend it for those who are looking for some positive direction.’

Glaiza Segua, OK Magazine Middle East

It felt like magic

“I’ve first experienced Theta Healing when going through a difficult time, Vanya came to the rescue and I must say, it felt like magic. Vanya has such a gentle and nurturing approach, respecting the person’s pace and at the same time an amazing and powerful way of reading through you and going to the root of your soul and spirit. Vanya is gifted as well as very knowledgeable and this translates beautifully when she’s teaching.

Her generosity in time and attention is legendary. I feel blessed to have shared such a beautiful experience…and so grateful.

I recommend Vanya’s healing and workshops to anyone in search of truth and well-being. What a lady!

Axelle Bonaparte – Metamorphic teacher and practitioner

‘Thank you for what you do and how beautifully you do it!’ 

A portal of awakening

‘Vanya’s goddess courses are a portal for awakening the innate power of your sexuality and embracing yourself as the goddess that you are. Vanya is the embodiment of sensual, divine feminine energy and she effortlessly guides you into peeling back the layers that block you from stepping into your womanhood and activating the gift of your sexual energy. If you’re ready to empower yourself and to channel your sexual energy for your own healing then this course is for you. ‘

 Nyasha Mangera Lakew – Spiritual healer and teacher

A real game changer

[Vanya’s] program took me on a journey of self discovery and woke something up in me that I had suppressed for a long time without realising — my true essence. I was able to release more and start deep healing around my femininity and sexuality. I have since learned to step into my magnetic power and open the tap to receiving, which has been a real game changer, not only for my personal life, but also in my business.’

Gozi Helima, Life Coach and Healer

I love my life

‘I chose to work with Vanya because of her strong feminine energy and since working with her I have started to heal aspects of myself that had been broken from years of abuse when I was little.  I had no idea the impact that these traumas had had on me and since working with Vanya I have started to feel far more whole and complete.  People have even commented on how I look more feminine than before and asked me what I had been doing to open up so beautifully, so quickly.  I have not been afraid once in my sessions with Vanya although we have been dealing with some quite dark and heavy energy.  I am so pleased to be clearing out this darkness though because my life is growing each and every time.  The other day after a session I turned around and said to my mum ‘I love my life’, and it was the first time that I truly felt and meant it. ‘

Sarah Morris

There is nothing holding me back

Thank you so much for yesterday’s session. For the first time in a very long time l woke up so much lighter today with a song on my lips and hope in my heart for a sweeter, brighter future.
I also gained some insights about how to best support my body so l am going to go with those and see if it helps.
What an amazing job you have to able to help people release themselves from old patterns and blockages, allowing them to find a way forward opening to more love and a sweeter life made up of better choices. I am awestruck at the magnitude of what you do. From the bottom of my heart thank you and l look forward to our next session. There is nothing holding me back from going forward from this point onwards full throttle. I just hope the world is ready for me. Lol!!’
– Rebecca

A changed human being

‘Vanya is a phenomenon. She is more than a Master Theta Healer, bringing her own magic to a system that is ostensibly new, but I suspect is also ancient, given back to humanity at this time of crisis.  Often accompanied invisibly by angels, ascended masters and other light beings, Vanya works multi-dimensionally, healing on physical, astral, emotional, mental and soul levels, picking up from the universe the information and advice that the client needs to know, removing obstacles, repairing wounds and transforming darkness into light.

She is able to achieve what no other healer I’ve ever encountered can. My first session with her was extraordinary, but the second was off the radar; I sat there numb, unable to believe what was happening.  4 months later, a changed human being, I am still in a state of wonder and awe.  Through Vanya’s light and loving facilitation and the help of the beings that assisted her, I have come home.’

Ann Greener

Your Whole World Evolves & Realigns

‘Vanya is the kindest most loving human being I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She is a shiny star, powerful while also being loving and gentle and hugely transformative all at once.

Her session to my daughter was incredible, she went to it as a doubtful, anxious tween girl and came back a shinny star! She was glowing all over! And right after, she played piano, the same two songs she has been playing for some time now, and it was the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard! Every note glowed with light and I felt as if every note was smiling…

They worked on anxiety, particularly of taking her face mask off in front of others.
Later that day we video called a friend who loves my daughter like a niece, and was sad as he hasn’t been able to see her for over a year as she wouldn’t show her face anymore. And she was with full face!! No mask!!! He was so surprised and pleased and grateful.. best birthday present ever!

The following day she took her mask off with her friends in school and ate lunch, both things for the very first time!!!! She was really proud of herself! And it was a HUGE relief for me, as I had basically been told she wouldn’t be able to participate in school anymore if she didn’t.

The day after that she walked back from school for the first time on her own!!
5 days after the healing, she manifested a minor accident that made a situation happen that she took her mask off with her teacher! The teacher was so happy and pleased she almost cried!

This is just a snipped of what happens when you have a session with Vanya. Your whole world evolves and realigns, everything around you changes, and you come back to your shiny self in ways you never even dreamed were possible. You become the shiny star that you are truly meant to be, and miracles happen all around!’
G. Awad

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