KEY 5: Divine Inner Marriage

With this key you become one. In total alignment mind, body, soul the combination works in perfect alignment supporting each other through hurdles and basking in the accomplishment of triumphs. It is with this key that a GODDESS is born.

Don’t forget the journalling questions below the video – Reflection is ‘Key’!

Let’s Reflect

Once you have watched the above and tried the above tool, I invite you to spend some time journalling. Here are today’s questions…

🗝️ Are you carrying any heartbreaks or wounds from previous relationships? How does it affect you from giving your heart and sexual energy to yourself?

🗝️ What are the benefits of liberating your sexual life force to move through you? How does it liberate your sense of self? How does it empower you as a woman?

🗝️ What does it mean for your sexual energy to be a sacred force?

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