KEY 4: Releasing The Mud

Frustration, impatient, energy feeling sticky, dark, lethargic. Are you looking externally for an explanation for this feeling, someone to blame and aim this frustration at, which only results in further disappointment, anger, and a drain on your precious energy.

Today we explore a physical way you are able to release any pent-up emotions that may be holding you back from unlocking your sensual energy. Feelings are meant to be felt, and when we hold them inside ourselves, they create blocks which stagnate our journey until they are released.

Don’t forget the journalling questions below the video – Reflection is ‘Key’!

Let’s Reflect

Once you have watched the above and tried the above tool, I invite you to spend some time journalling. Here are today’s questions…

🗝️ What ‘mud’ do you still carry? What emotions, beliefs and memories are trapped within it?

🗝️ How does your ‘mud’ affect you from moving forward? Or experiencing love in relationships?’

🗝️ How able are you to feel your emotions? Are you able to really feel them? Are you scared to feel? Do you deny the depths of your emotions? Are you able to access the wisdoms of your emotions?

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