KEY 7: Love Affair With The Sun

In this key I will be sharing with you one of my sensual enlightenment experiences had many years ago. It was not a man, woman, or even myself… I had a deep sensual relationship with the sun. Whenever I felt it’s rays on me, it would give me tingles, and I would know that it was there with me, providing me with everything I needed, and more. It entirely changed my view on what a sensual relationship is. That it is not a dark, seedy energy to bring shame or guilt. It’s an incredible force, energy and totally misunderstood. This is a unique story, and one you will want to listen to!

Let’s Reflect

Once you have watched the above introduction video I invite you to spend some time journalling. To reap the rewards out of this 7 day ignition reflection is key to acknowledge your journey, patterns, feelings, signs and to allow your next steps and higher consciousness to flow through you as your team this with the tools given. Activating your Sensual Energy will flow naturally.

Today’s Questions

🗝️ Explore all the love affairs you have had in your life. With soul mates, flings, partners or even just moments smelling the flowers. What have been your most delicious experiences?

🗝️ Also explore the times when you have opened yourself up to experience love and it wasn’t returned. How did it make you feel? What did you learn from these experiences?

🗝️ Take a moment to explore having a love affair with the sun. Maybe stand outside in the sun and experience its rays dancing through your body. What do you experience?

TIP: You can always revert back to a key whenever you wish to delve deeper. Simply save the email and link!

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