KEY 6: Dynamic Love

Now that you have released, loved and embraced both yourself and the energies within you, it is time to embody everything you have learnt so you can have a dynamic love affair with life.

Don’t forget the journalling questions below the video – Reflection is ‘Key’!

Let’s Reflect

Once you have watched the above and tried the above tool, I invite you to spend some time journalling. Here are today’s questions…

🗝️ The ultimate love path is not with another, it is one with life. How in love with life are you? What stops you from falling deeper in love with life? How do you celebrate being in love with life?

🗝️ What would happen if you could sustain the being ‘in love’ feelings all the time? How would it improve your daily life? How would it improve your ability to experience abundance?

🗝️ What are the 5 beliefs, experiences or memories that block you from allowing more love in?

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