KEY 3: Self Love

Before Unlocking our Sacred Sensual Energy we need to create a habitable environment for it to flow freely to create sustainability for this unshakable power! We are on a path of making lasting transformations not just ones that last for 7 days.

This next Key will uncover how to love all aspects of yourself in this journey. And I really mean EVERY part. Sacred Sensuality and Self-Love go hand in hand. There is no part of you that doesn’t deserve love, and this key will be covering how to fall in love with every part of yourself all over again to reach peak sensuality.

Don’t forget the journalling questions below the video – Reflection is ‘Key’!

Let’s Reflect

Once you have watched the above and tried the above tool, I invite you to spend some time journalling. Here are today’s questions…

🗝️ Why does sacred sensuality and self love go hand in hand? How does combining these two forces inside of you empower you?

🗝️ How does self love become a power in your life? How does it increase your worthiness? How does it empower your boundaries?

🗝️ What parts of feel deserving of love? What parts of your body don’t feel deserving of love? Why is this?

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