KEY 2: Yoga Meditation

Today’s tip comes in the form of a meditation I’ve created to help experience the sensation when something magical is about to happen

Get ready to feel that tingle of energy to run through you on a regular basis, because listening to this meditation will guide you towards a higher level of consciousness that will open you up to existing alongside that magic, instead of apart from it.

Don’t forget your reflection questions below the meditation – Reflection is ‘Key’!

Let’s Reflect

Once you have listened to the above meditation I invite you to spend some time journalling. Here are today’s questions…

🗝️ What happens when take the time to you melt into your female body?

🗝️ Were you able to let go and feel the magic of your breasts and yoni?

🗝️ What did it feel like to let your self love energy circulate through you? What did it teach you?

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