Feeling better after the immersion??

This is just the the beginning of a beautiful journey into you!! This immersion was 2 hours, imagine what could happen in 6 hours, 6 days, 6 months.

I have two very special offers for you. Both are designed to help you claim your sexual energy as a sacred force, heal your past wounds, help you to become unshakable with love and make you glow with a magnetic presence that no one will be able to destroy.

This is your Sacred Revolution

This is your opportunity to

revolutionise your concePt

Of Being A Woman



What other women are saying…

Life turned up to love

‘Within 2 months of the completing the academy I found my soul mate and six months later I conceived my son. This course turned me on and turned my life up to love.’

Julia Martin 

A portal of awakening

‘Vanya’s goddess courses are a portal for awakening the innate power of your sexuality and embracing yourself as the goddess that you are. Vanya is the embodiment of sensual, divine feminine energy and she effortlessly guides you into peeling back the layers that block you from stepping into your womanhood and activating the gift of your sexual energy. If you’re ready to empower yourself and to channel your sexual energy for your own healing then this course is for you.’

Nyasha Mangera Lakew

I feel beautiful

‘This is the first time in my life I feel beautiful. And I am a sixty year old woman.’

Lynn Meadows

Deep & Transformative

‘ A visual, auditory and kinaesthetic delight. The meditations are deep and transformative, it invited me to reach the parts that other courses have not reached! ‘ Jacky Ghose

Magnetic to Men

‘For the first time I experienced what it’s like to be truly magnetic to men.’

Polly Alexandre

A Magical Initiation

‘There is  only one word to describe Vanya’s teachings – MAGICAL. It is initiation, transformation and celebration of the female energy. Connecting with purity, wisdom, beauty and so much more… It has been an emotional, rejuvenating and uplifting journey and inspired me to be my true self, to rise as the Goddess I truly am inside.’ 

Katia Coneva

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