For Women

Gorgeous Woman,

There is a power inside of you that waiting to be unlocked. This is a woman’s path of sensual enlightenment -a sacred revolution that returns your body, heart, sexuality and power back to love.

 This a rite of passage for all women who are ready to feel whole, complete and powerful. It is for every woman in all phases of life – maiden, mother, priestess, queen, diva, yogini and goddess. As you take this journey, every aspect of your female identity will be awakened.

This is the missing piece on your female spiritual path.

Watch this documentary to find out why….

Step One

Your journey into sensual enlightenment begins with reading SACRED REVOLUTION and exploring my free masterclasses…


Sacred Revolution

A Woman’s Path To Love, Power & Sensual Enlightenment

Sacred Revolution is a transformational self help guide. It teaches each woman to be unshakable with love so she can master her life. This journey begins once you claim your sexual energy as a sacred life force – vital for the dynamic experience of love. Only then can the revolution begin. Explore this life changing book now.


The Sacred Revolution Documentary

This FREE documentary is perfect for every woman who is ready to take her body and her life to the next level. Explore the pillars of sensual enlightenment and get ready to revolutionise your life.

Let’s Get Started

Sensual Woman

Free Online Masterclass

Discover the four keys that activate the path of sensual enlightenment. Remember that self love is your super power and activate your sexual energy to be a sacred source of vitality. Learn to have a dynamic love affair with life so that you can live in abundance.


Step Two

Discover the ultimate online sanctuary that will  heal and awaken the magic of your female body temple …

Sensual Enlightenment

Online Academy

Six sensational online courses in one – all designed to awaken your female body temple. This academy is for all women – divas, queens, yoginis and goddesses, in all phases of life. This is a workbook, work out, beauty treatment and soul awakening all rolled into one. This is my signature program that will nourish you from head to toe, body to soul, womb to heart. Be prepared for your female soul to be deeply nourished.


Step Three

The greatest healing and transformation can take place in a woman’s circle. You have three options…

Living Goddess


Six sensual nights in the south of Spain where your exquisite female body will be looked after from head to toe. A transformational holiday that awakens your beauty, magic and power. Paint your toenails, buy a bikini and join your sisters.

Let’s Go

Living Goddess

Day Class

This one day workshop has been designed to cultivate your sexual energy to be a source of vitality and rejuvenation. The aim of the class is to make you feel confident in your body, magnetic with your energy, and powerful with your intentions.


  • Cosmically Wild Women

  • Facebook Group

  • Join women from around the world and celebrate being a woman. Join discussions, live energy clearings, womb healings, online festivals and more.  Have your question’s answered or inspire other women with your knowledge.  Every woman is welcome to participate.

Step Four

Once you have turned your body on its time to turn your life up. My REVOLUTION PROGRAMS are designed to help you impact, influence and create abundance.of your own life. 


Sacred Star™ Certification Program


This a 9 month program of total female liberation and empowerment. A 100 hour certified and recognised coaching program that will qualify you to become a professional female embodiment coach, teacher and facilitator. This is the missing piece on every woman’s success path. This is the one you have been waiting for…. and it is happening NOW!


For Revolutionary Women Only

1:1 Mentoring, Intuitive Healing & Coaching

This program is ideal if you want to transform your entire identity so that you can truly live in alignment with your soul purpose.  A deeply cathartic process where we strip away what no longer works and ignite your truth to unapologetically shine into the world. You will go from invisible to visible – limited to limitless.  We will also have the time to craft out and implement new life strategies that create the abundance and luxury you deserve.  This program will make you feel beautiful inside out and powerful to laser a new life path. Are you ready to be unapologetically you?


Step Four

And of course every journey into female sexuality needs some 18+ tales….

Cool Breeze

Under A Black Veil

Cool Breeze Under a Black Veil is a powerful visionary tale of healing and spiritual enlightenment. Scattered with speculative surrealism and erotica, this is an achingly raw journey of self-discovery and self-love.


Can’t decide what to do first??

I have a complete system of female transformation and I would love to help you choose what you need first. Book in a clarity call and let us help you begin your power journey into sensual enlightenment.


I have so much to share with you…

Let me take you on a journey step by step so that you can awaken to the sensual power and magic that lives deep inside of you.


 Metro’s Good Sex Bad Sex Podcast – How to become a Goddess!


Enjoy these sensual body awakening exercises…

Sensual Body Yoga For Women


A portal of awakening

‘Vanya’s goddess courses are a portal for awakening the innate power of your sexuality and embracing yourself as the goddess that you are. Vanya is the embodiment of sensual, divine feminine energy and she effortlessly guides you into peeling back the layers that block you from stepping into your womanhood and activating the gift of your sexual energy. If you’re ready to empower yourself and to channel your sexual energy for your own healing then this course is for you.’

Nyasha Mangera Lakew

A Magical Initiation

‘There is  only one word to describe Vanya’s teachings – MAGICAL. It is initiation, transformation and celebration of the female energy. Connecting with purity, wisdom, beauty and so much more… It has been an emotional, rejuvenating and uplifting journey and inspired me to be my true self, to rise as the Goddess I truly am inside.’ 

Katia Coneva

I stepped into my Magnetic Power 

‘Vanya’s programs took me on a journey of self discovery and woke something up in me that I had suppressed for a long time without realising — my true essence. I was able to release more and start deep healing around my femininity and sexuality. I have since learned to step into my magnetic power and open the tap to receiving, which has been a real game changer, not only for my personal life, but also in my business.’

Gozi Helima

Book Your Free Discovery Call

The most beautiful adventure you will ever take is the journey into you!

I look forward to finding the best way to I can support, heal, guide, transform and awaken you. To book in your FREE discovery call please email me on:




What Type of Sacred Woman Are you?Understand the areas where you shine!

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