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As an intuitive healer, I've spent over a decade helping more than 10,000 people from over 50 countries progress on their spiritual path. OK Magazine has described my work as both 'cathartic' and 'uplifting'. I believe that we are all here to have a dynamic love affair with life, and that love is the ultimate path towards enlightenment.

I'm here to help you move out of feeling limited in your body, mind, and life by teaching you effective ways to open your heart, awaken your intuition and live your life purpose. My speciality is the sensual enlightenment and empowerment of women.

Plus teaching people how to unlock their body temples so that their soul light can radiate and bless life.

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Is to bless life with your unique vibration. Let me take you on a journey that shows you how... Explore here


Brilliant energy, playful, adaptive, constructive, explained everything, helped others to understand.

Venod MitraFilm Director, Screen Writer

Thanks for sharing your absolute awesomeness with me! I have so much respect for you... your work and your integrity... not to mention your absolutely cosmic modality of healing! I’m so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for your non-judgement and authenticity... for being truly in service with absolutely no hidden agendas... it’s so refreshing to experience such divine sisterhood with you! Although I can’t speak for all the souls you have healed, I really feel what you have done for me on a deep cellular level and I can only imagine the amount of clearance you have given others! You are an absolute earth angel and even though I know you know all this already... it’s still good to be reminded ...especially as you are a dedicated mummy as well!
I'm feeling really called to honour you on behalf of some of those souls that you have helped who maybe haven’t had the courage to share with you just how much! You really are a very powerful healer! A total goddess! 💗Keep up the great work! It’s so wonderful to witness a master at work and you really really are a master!

Kwali Kundalini KumaraKundalini Teacher

Oh to watch a master at work is such a pleasure! It’s like a healing dance done with joy, sparkles, and surgeon like precision. Quick, efficient and of the highest truth. Your approach is so beautiful and done with such grace. It is utterly amazing to be on the receiving end of one of your healings. WOW! Thank you so much amazing woman.

Marina Jacoby

Vanya is a wonderfully intuitive and transformative channel/healer.
She combines different healing modalities in a unique clearing/healing style.
In the session she found many layers of energy blocks and easily dismantled/removed them.
After our session I felt so much lighter and clearer about who I am, my direction and possible next steps.

Steve Ahnael NobelAuthor, coach and co-director of Alternatives

I've been a client of Vanya's for 7 years intermittently as I've been travelling, yet the journey we've made together has been far more extraordinary and epic than any place I've visited.

I have worked with many excellent therapists & healers over the years each with their own unique perspective but with Vanya it's been the most powerful, perceptive and illuminating experience, She is a very special healer, psychic and clairvoyant.

I've recommended her to a number of people who've also found her helpful, healing and insightful.


You know and understand the meaning of the words ‘wonderful’ and ‘magical’ but have you ever truly experienced it? If you've ever had the privilege to meet Vanya, she is the magnetic embodiment of these qualities, she enlightens everyone in her presence. Her teachings are truly a gift to this world. I never experienced self love until Vanya’s class, I went away as if in a different realm of love only then did I discover how to love myself and feel that bliss and fulfillment. She brings grace, love and beautiful light energy to her classes, she touches deeply with her smile and her healings are truly soul nurturing, resonates deeply on all levels of mind, body and spirit. I will always regard Vanya as one who has changed my life forever

Sara ReedLondon

Thank you for what you do... and how beautifully you do it.


Vanya is a phenomenon. She is more than a Master Theta Healer, bringing her own magic to a system that is ostensibly new, but I suspect is also ancient, given back to humanity at this time of crisis. Often accompanied invisibly by angels, ascended masters and other light beings, Vanya works multi-dimensionally, healing on physical, astral, emotional, mental and soul levels, picking up from the universe the information and advice that the client needs to know, removing obstacles, repairing wounds and transforming darkness into light.

She is able to achieve what no other healer I’ve ever encountered can. My first session with her was extraordinary, but the second was off the radar; I sat there numb, unable to believe what was happening. 4 months later, a changed human being, I am still in a state of wonder and awe. Through Vanya’s light and loving facilitation and the help of the beings that assisted her, I have come home.

Ann Greener

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