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Hi, I’m Vanya Silverten


I have been a master energy healer and teacher for over a decade.  OK Magazine has described my work as  ‘cathartic’ and ‘uplifting’. I have helped more than 10,000 people from over 50 countries progress on their spiritual path and transform their lives. I have lead inspirational talks, workshops, retreats, immersions, meditations and practitioner trainings around the globe… and I want to help you next!!

My passion is the sensual enlightenment, embodiment and empowerment of women. My latest book SACRED REVOLUTION and my Goddess online courses/retreats are a must for any woman wanting to up level her spiritual destiny and unlock the sensual magic of her body temple. The Sacred Star™ Embodiment Coaching Certification and Teacher Training will give the lasting tools to awaken both yourself and others.

My speciality is helping individuals uncover their true soul message and life purpose. I am here to  unlock your inner wisdom and your deepest potential so that you can live in health, wealth, power and love.  Through transformative healing, mindset techniques, and aligned action you will be encourage to create a powerful and embodied personal identity that positively impacts the world.

My life goal is to awaken your innate intuitive and healing abilities so you can transform your life, navigate your destiny, live in vibrant soul embodied health and become a conscious creator.

Join my weekly energy clearings and activations via Facebook Live ,dive deep into self mastery and accelerate your life with one of my signature programs or begin your journey with my extensive library of free resources. There is so much support available for you to live your Embodied Soul Brilliance. 

This is your sacred revolution. 

With Love,



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Are you ready for a new adventure?

The human body you live in is extraordinary in design. Unlock its potential by transforming your shadows, shifting your mindset to abundance, opening your heart to experience love, freeing your spirit to live an intuitive, sensual and magical life – all so that you can embody your soul’s brilliance. You are here to light up the world by creating a life of aligned to your highest purpose.

This is your opportunity.

Awaken & Evolve

Work With Me

Private Healing and Mentoring

Transformative healing, intuitive guidance and laser coaching

An energetic journey of transformation that uncovers your higher purpose so you can always live in health, wealth, power and love.


For Everyone

Discover the intuitive tools that can totally transform your life

Learn the skills to awaken, empower and impact yourself and others.

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For Women

Sensual Enlightenment – Online, Retreats & Certification

Unlock the magic of your female body temple and learn to become magnetic.



Sacred Revolution

A woman’s path to love, power and sensual enlightenment.

Sacred Revolution is a transformational self help guide. It teaches each woman to be unshakable with love so she can master her life. This journey begins once you claim your sexual energy as a sacred life force – vital for the dynamic experience of love. Only then can the revolution begin. Explore this life changing book now.


Soul Star Destiny Cards

Be the first to get you hands on a Soul Star Destiny Card deck You can pre order and receive an free online card reading course with Vanya.

88 beautifully designed cards that will teach you how to discover your soul’s purpose and live out your destiny. This means choosing to master all areas of your life in support of bringing your big picture dreams, visions and highest version of self into reality. You are meant to fulfil your highest potential in your work, career, relationships, romance, family, travel, home, finances, soul purpose and more.

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Explore the fastest way you can upgrade your concept of being a..

Powerful Woman

Journey deep into your exquisite female body and learn to revolutionise your life with your sexual energy.  As a woman you are meant to be powerful, vibrant and magnetic in all situations. Forget low self esteem, body shame, heart break and loneliness. The Sensual Enlightenment Online Academy is the ultimate remedy to make you unshakable with love so that you can feel powerful in your life. Get started with my FREE webinar.



Light Up Your Life


Explore a collection of over 5 FREE online trainings that aim to take your awareness to the next level. Filled with meditations, energy clearings, activations and more.  Discover how you can open your heart, awaken abundance, activate you intuition and unlock the sensual magic of your body temple. 



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