Starlight is Goddess Food

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This 90min energy clearing and activation session is all about you coming into your power!!

  • >Charge your body with your sacred sexual energy⁠
  • >Discover the beauty secrets of starlight⁠
  • > Rewire your brain to feel empowered, visible and courageous⁠
  • > Rewire your body to feel magnetic, beautiful and vibrant⁠
  • >Become an intuitive eater for health and wellbeing⁠
  • > Learn to stop leaking your energy so that you can discover your soul’s message and revolutionise your life.



The Living Goddess Retreat

8th-14th August 2021 in Spain

Six sensual nights in the south of Spain where your exquisite female body will be looked after from head to toe. A transformational holiday that awakens your beauty, magic, power and sexuality. There will be tears, laughter and lots of cathartic breakthroughs. Paint your toenails, buy a bikini and join your sisters. This will give you the awakening that you have longed for.




Theta Healing ®

Have you ever wanted to awaken your intuition? Learn the art of healing? Discover the secrets of manifesting? Live your soul’s destiny?

Theta Healing ® is one of the fastest growing healing modalities of our time and will give you the tools to transform your life body, mind, heart and soul. There are over 500,000 practitioners world wide who are using this technique to raise their reality to love and abundance. Are you ready to be a master of your own reality? Choose from over 10 courses, each one is designed to awaken you so that you can become a conscious creator in your relationships, health, career, life purpose, self development, spiritual awakenings and more.

Vanya teaches Theta Healing ® exclusively at Bourgeon – the UK’s leading centre for wellbeing. Explore the curriculum, class dates and more:

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