Harness & Master Your Intuition By Becoming a Certified & Confident Psychic While Building a Highly Successful Practice

Reclaim your intuition, psychic and healing abilites.

Complete your connection to the divine

Communicate with the universe & navigate reality

Pass the truth on to help others transform their lives

The Soul Star™ Oracle Certification 


A 4/6 month program of intense intuitive and psychic development. 

Learn the exclusive technique that combines laser coaching, transformational healing, body wisdom, intuitive guidance, psychic development and more. Develop the tools to become the connector of divine truth

Use this system for your own self development or become a super star professional of divine guidance. Either way this program is going to rock your world with a new sense of power, purpose and presence.


Passing on truth to Revolutionise lives

A 100+ Hour Expert-Level Training On Intuitive & Psychic Development, Healing, Channelling, Teaching, Coaching &  Conscious Creation. 

In this certification, you’ll learn how to be a certified and professional oracle leading transformative private or group sessions from anywhere in the world. You will become highly skilled in the Soul Star™ intuitive and conscious creation technique. Both combined give you a highly effective coaching system to lead your clients to soul liberation, dharmic purpose and their destiny. These ingredients are essential to master life. 

Use this program for your own healing and self development. Or take your skill to the world and create a soul centred business from it. The information given in this program is timeless and fits perfectly with the Sacred Star Embodiment certification.

‘I feel like I have been waiting my entire existence to get these awakenings! Thank you!’

 Caleum Ariel

Activate your intuition, develop your channeling abilities, learn to translate the energy world and become a confident speaker so you can give profound readings/teachings to yourself, clients, students and beyond.


What we cover:

Part One








‘An exceptional teacher!’

Vanya is an exceptional teacher.  Using her body language, high intelligence, strong intuition  and structure can easily pass the teachings of healing and intuition to students and in a very relaxed and joyful way.

But at the same time she is an insightful healer, with very good experience which helps to make her teaching more grounded, solid and firm.

But most important she is very keen, to pass down her knowledge and experience to her students and she works for it, with her heart and her mind. 

George Christodoulou

‘A journey of self discovery.’

Sitting in Vanya Silverten’s class has been a journey of self discovery which strengthened my connection with my soul and the divine universe. She teaches with such a gentle and intelligent energy around her, that you are at ease with her presence. Her confidence in each one of our abilities , constant encouragement, and sweet yet effective nudge towards doing deeper diggings during belief work has been monumentally helpful in this process Thank you Vanya my love – your beautiful soul and loving ways have touched us all so deeply. I am forever grateful to the universe for bringing you to Dubai.

Renee North

‘One session is worth years of therapy.’

I’ve been working with Vanya for over 5 years now. Every single time she has been able to help me pin point blocks that I wasn’t aware of and more importantly she helped me clear them.  She also empowered me with solutions and skills to keep it up. I can honestly say one session with her is worth years of therapy. Unlike many other healers I’ve seen, she was funny, gentle and relatable. She has a rare gift that never stops giving.  The world is a better place because there are healers like her. I’m truly grateful to have her in my life and highly recommend working with her.

Ahd Kamel


Apply for Soul  Star Oracle Certification 2023


A certified, approved & insured program by the International Institute Of Complementary Therapies.

Get professionally recognised from anywhere around the world!

The journey will begin with you focusing on developing your own intuition and soul incarnation so that you can embody the teachings in your unique and authentic way. Then be taken through the training process until you learn to master the work at an expert level.


Soul Star™ Oracle:  You will be able to masterfully guide clients to their dharmic purpose and destiny. Help them with accurate guidance to become the leader and healer of all aspects of their life. Using highly effective transformation tools you will be able liberate trauma, limiting beliefs, unworthiness and life force blockages. Elevate your clients to exist from their soul incarnated presence. Then support them to revolutionise their lives. 

Soul Star™ Coach:  You will be to be able to dive deep into the limiting beliefs, generational and energy blocks that stop you client from moving forward.  Then gently guide them back to their soul’s truth and divine life connection. Unlock the healing abilities of their body and activate their intuition to amplify their life. Then support them to take the steps needed to live from the power of their dharmic purpose.

Master Soul Star™ Facilitator, Teacher & Coach:  Be able to do it all!! You will be able to see clients, teach workshop, groups and retreats. Learn to create curriculum and discover how to hold safe and illuminating space for other’s to awaken. 


* this technique can be used as a stand alone modality or use it with other techniques like NLP, Reiki, Theta Healing, Sacred Star Embodiment Coaching Certification  etc. to 10x your current coaching practice.

This is an easy step by step process.




Your Guide

The Soul Star™ Certification program is dear to my heart. I have combined over 10 years and 15000+ hours worth of teaching, healing and advising into the most

Epic, Profound and Revolutionary Certification

Over 4 intense months I get to journey deep with you as you awaken, heal, transform and liberate your life.  OK magazine has described my work as ‘cathartic’ and ‘liberating’.  This is a one stop celebration of everything you will ever need to do you divine life work.

-Vanya Silverten



Soul Star Destiny Cards


88 beautifully designed cards that ensure you know exactly what is going on around you and how you can recreate any situation to continuously elevate your life. The card messages are clear, practical, elevating and guiding. No more being confused by the tarot or left stuck trying to decipher a vague or cryptic message. This card deck will teach you how to communicate with the 6 gateways of divine consciousness and show you how to communicate the truth. We use the Soul Star Destiny Cards as a psychic tool for development.


Who is this program for:


The Core Benefits of this program are…

“Vanya Silverten is a caring, intuitive guide. She’s changed my life and empowered me to help others to do the same. One of the things I admire most about Vanya is that whether you are in a large online group or in person, she tunes into your specific needs and helps you individually move through your blocks.

I was looking to go to the next level and Vanya appeared- I travelled across the globe to transform at her retreats. She shares an amazing balance of healing, intuition, and business sense that empower you to be the highest version of yourself I look forward to continuing my journey learning from and laughing with this beautiful soul. I know we are a similar mission to change the world, healing and empowering others to do the same.” Lisa Zinsuis Supra

I became Stronger & more Confident

“Sacred Star with Vanya has enabled me to further develop my coaching and healing skills. It is incredible how I became stronger and more confident through this technique. My business has benefited tremendously and I have been able to achieve my goals so much faster by focusing on the right thing, because they are in harmony with my soul and my heart’s path. This is exactly what I see in my clients too, as they grow into their full strength. Vanya is has always been there for me with her advice, I have always felt supported and the connections with all the other beautiful women in this course have had a life changing effect on me. Projects have been created that I never even thought of before. My channeling skills are exploding and I can pass them on, and that has always been a big dream of mine. Vanya has become such an important part of my life and story. Thank you for this flow on all levels.”

 Nadine Nadine Philipp, 39 Femininity Coach & Love Channel Medium

I opened to my next level with so much joy & ease!

“Vanya has been the mentor that has helped me to truly open up and understand my feminine energy. The Sacred Star Coaching process has helped me to open up the next level of my life with so much ease and joy. As a healer and intuitive, using the power of my own femininity to embody and manifest what is next is truly a blessing to me.Pleasure has become the new mantra in my life and Vanya has been the most genuine, generous and powerful teacher for me. My connection with my body, my energy and my soul is in a new whole level difficult to express with words”

Neus Ventura – International Healer & Teacher

Professional, Supportive & Transformative

Teacher training with Vanya is a huge amount of knowledge served on a tray right under your nose. Professional, supported by many years of experience, a comprehensive dose of practical, ready-to-implement methods of working with the body, mind and spirit. In her generosity, Vanya shared her healer workshop with me so that I could spread my wings even more as a mentor and coach. Thanks to her, I learned many new techniques of working with women that enable deep exploration, transformation and holistic healing of traumas, blockages and disorders.

During these  workshops, I had one of the most beautiful adventures of my life, traveling inside myself experiencing massive Kundalini awakenings. Vanya is that unique teacher who will show you where to look, not what to see. The space to which he invites you is filled with love, understanding, feminine warmth and a great dose of energy of trust. It is hard to find better support and competent guidance.

Thank you Vanya with all my heart. Thanks to you, I was able to meet myself in an expanded state of consciousness, gaining a completely different perspective of looking at myself, my passions and life goals. I sincerely recommend this extraordinary teacher training to every woman who has a desire in her heart to help and support others.

Magdelena Krawiec – Women’s Empowerment Coach & Teacher

Soul Star™ Certification is a vibrant and easy process of awakening.

Easily move from closed states to the enlightened, illuminated and awakened stage of intuition and divine connection. The majority of the teaching is loaded into the first 2 months, followed by practice and mastering. This then gives you the time to  refine your skills  and become the Soul Star™ you were destined to be:

Use this program for your own self-development or certify to become a professional Soul Star™ Oracle, Coach, Speaker or Facilitator 




Harness & Master Your Intuition By Becoming a Certified & Confident Psychic While Building a Highly Successful Practice

Reclaim your intuition, psychic and healing abilities.

Complete your connection to the divine

Communicate with the universe & navigate reality

Pass the truth on to help others transform their lives

You have 2 options to join….

Star Package


This is the 6 month Oracle Certification program where you will become an internationally approved and recognised coach/healer/oracle of awakening. This is also a super liberating program for self development and the tools you learn will enhance all areas of your life.


1. The Initiation Ceremony

2. The Sacred Star™ Embodiment Technique – 4 days of live online training

3. Plus 8 extra supportive masterclasses

6. The Magnetic Marketing & Entrepreneurship Classes (online live)

7. Expert Masterclasses from the team

8. Small support groups with personal guidance from Leaders

9. The Facebook Community

  • Plus Bonus:
  • * Unlimited rounds of the program until you feel confident to coach
  • * The Art of Channelling
  • * How to Channel Light Language
  • * Incarnating Into A Brilliant Life
  • * Space Clearing – Healing for your Home
  • * 1001 New beliefs to awaken
  • * 3, 6 & 12 month Payment plans plus Paypal Credit Available
  • * Early bird £3300. Then it returns to £4100 thereafter.



Heaven Package


This is the teacher training program. You get everything in the Star Package plus you learn the tools to become a superstar facilitator to run healing circles, workshops, retreats and very special V.I.P days.  You can mix and match the following over a 18 month period with the only requirement of completing your Soul Star™ Oracle or Sacred Star™ Embodiment Certification before you begin teaching.


Everything in the Star Package

Living Goddess Retreat (31st July – 6th August)

Living Priestess Teacher Training Retreat (7-13th August)

Extra Options:

Sacred Star™ Embodiment 6 month Coaching Certification

The Revolutionary Women 1:1 Private Coaching with Vanya

* Via the application process only



Instant Access to: Space Clearing Healing for Your Home & 1001 Magnetic Beliefs for Awakening

The Soul Star™ Oracle Training is then delivered online

Step into your most profound power

And your most awakened presence

I want in!!

I AM READY TO Apply for 2023

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